suites-center-barcelonaLocated in the Spaniard Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is a global city with a rich cultural heritage. It is a major financial center, as well as an educational and research metropolis. It faces the Mediterranean Sea, being a very important port for tourism and business. To the north, it is limited by the Collserola mountains. The city has an excellent transportation system, so when looking for an apartment for rent in Barcelona center, get familiar with the ways of moving around the town.

Barcelona”s public transport organization is very good and has one big advantage, the use of an integrated fare system. With it, one can jump from one means of transportation to another using the same ticket. There are eight metro lines and the two existing tram lines cross the city in direction north to south. In addition, many bus routes reach the different districts and there are local trains serving the metropolitan area.

The best part of the city however, is the possibility of walking everywhere. One can always find a nice park or city square to rest and watch the beautiful buildings. Pedestrian routes are wide and well signaled. There are numerous city routes that will make a fun day, like the medieval route or one that follows the modern architecture of the 19th to the 20th century transition.

Being the lively and modern place that Barcelona is, there are different and exciting means of transportation. There are for example bicycle routes and over 200 kilometers of lanes for the use of cyclist. Alternative vehicles may also be found; in fact the city is working hard in the implementation of the use of electric vehicles. From a very old tram to cable cars, there are many interesting ways to move around the most exciting city in the Mediterranean.