It doesn’t matter how big your kitchen is, large or small there is nothing more irritating than a design that does not work for your family or lifestyle.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and generally the most used place in the house. Not only that, it needs to be organised in such a way that it is usable, when cooking, cleaning and moving around. It is very different to the other rooms in the house, which see far less traffic and are not typically used as a workstation for preparing food. This is why it is import to be smart about how your kitchen actually functions, and the right components and design elements can make a huge difference.

Bring ‘lost’ corner cupboard space back into use

At one point or another we have all had that blender or toastie maker, that somehow ends up at the back of a corner cabinet, never used because we have piled up so much other useful items in front of it we can’t actually reach it.

It sits gathering dust until you really decide you need it for a new culinary experiment, and then the entire cupboard contents need to come out. Incredibly frustrating, and completely unnecessary with a better design.

There are many kitchen corner cabinet solutions available out there for L-shaped cabinets, but the most innovative yet simple option is simply to think differently about the corner hinges for kitchen furniture.

Innovative, practical and quick to assemble, the types vary from the ‘Rincoplus40’ that operates as a moveable corner post opening up the space wide by connecting both doors together. This means that both doors move completely to one side and out of the way, rather than the normal set up with individual doors opening from the corner post.

There is also the ‘Rincobasic40’ design which also gives 100% access, but opens from the centre outwards, like you would see on a typical double wall cabinet, but designed to fit neatly into a corner unit.

And finally the ‘Compact32’ where both doors move out to one side, but fold back in order to save space. Which is perfect for smaller or busy kitchens when you need to be in and out of cupboards continuously.

Fully customisable by height, colour and style, they are so easy to fit to any L-shaped unit that you now longer need to try any avoid corner cabinet styles in the design.


Added kitchen cabinet components give any basic kitchen a stylish finish

One way to instantly add a high class finish to a new kitchen is to add a gola profile system. By clicking the strips into place during cabinet assembly (and prior to the fitting of work tops) the Gola system for kitchen cabinets means that the raw cabinet edgings are hidden from view and replaced with high specification edging with no machining required.

It will take a kitchen from normal, to modern design in an instant. Available in silver, stainless steel, chrome, black and white, the easy to assemble clip system will be ready in super-quick time.

Then to really pull the entire design together properly for a stylish sleek finish, you need to also think about adding profile handles.

Profile handles are modern, stylish and save space

Complimenting the Gola system perfectly, profile handles are the perfect option for any modern, minimalist kitchen design.

Integrating neatly with the front of a kitchen drawer or cabinet door, it gives the aesthetic that there are no handles at all. Functional and elegant, as with the other solutions it is also revolutionary in its design and installation, with its innovative click system.

Available in various models, the Syma32, Syma50 Customizable, Syma32 Inglete, Syma2 Inglete, there are a range of finishes choose from . For example melamine, wood, high gloss, matt and acrylic.

And of course, it is practical too. Easy to clean, an important feature in any area dedicated to food preparation. With the handles flush to the cupboard door you won’t catch yourself on them when preparing your latest feast.

It is amazing how such small innovative touches can really make a kitchen stand out in terms of design, and also enhance the function of a room.