Blow molding machine

Create a plastic container requires certain basic steps and are determined according to the type of blow molding machine. Injection-blow molding, extrusion-blow molding and coextrusion-blow molding are the different processes that are carried out.

The first consists of making a preform of the material to be processed, which is similar in shape to a test tube. This is heated and placed in a mold that has the required geometry where air is injected and the polymer takes the shape of it. Then it is withdrawn and the relevant adjustments are made. The use of this type of method brings with advantage the ability to inject and store different sizes and colors.

The extrusion-blow molding, it consists of the blowing of the preform that, unlike the previous one, has a tubular shape, formed by the extrusion called Parison. This is closed by the bottom in a hermetic manner, as a result of the clamping exerted by the parts of the mold at the time of closing. Finally blows, let’s cool and ejects the piece.

The parison extrusion includes the necessary layers that are introduced into the mold. The parison of monocaparazoneraz. The thickness control can be performed in the same way as in the coextursion process.

Coextrusion-blow molding This technique allows to make several layers, adding some characteristics like permeability, decrease of costs in the materials since for this process can be included recycled or of inferior quality materials. You can also combine optical details of the polymers or create any effect of iridescent colors.

After knowing which are the different methods is necessary to have the appropriate machinery that fulfills each of these horses, guaranteeing the quality product and with the greatest quantity in the shortest possible time. The different pieces that are obtained from this process are hollow and their thickness can vary as a result of the deformation of the material

It is essential that at the moment of putting into practice any of the mentioned methods take into account the quality standards to offer a successful product. Remember that the proper use of machinery is part of the necessary activities within the manufacturing.