Currently there are many shops in the world and consumers always buy in the shops of the neighborhood in the most economical stores, therefore, you have to retain the customer in such a way that you feel satisfied and can get with incentives.

We live in a society where there is a lot of competition and each one seeks the most beneficial for him and what suits him best. When wanting to have a store has to take into account the marketing plan, develop all the advantages and disadvantages, external competitors, internal and external analysis and choose our public purpose.

In order to achieve customer loyalty and not let it go with the competition, it is necessary to use engagement ideas. The loyalty program, as proposed by, allows a company to reward customer behavior when it comes to buying and that produces a sense of trust and loyalty to the company. As a result of the above the program offers a series of advantages for the client, credits, discounts, trips, prizes, etc.

Encouraging this type of incentive for clients develops some advantages for the company as:

– Promotes business growth: Many times the loyalty program has different results in the function of the objectives applied.

– Increases Revenue: According to studies, keep a customer with seven times less than getting a new one.

– Improves reputation: If the customer feels satisfied, grateful, happy and trusting, they are most likely to remain in the market and others.

– Increases sales by introducing inventions: Customers appreciate the loyalty program for the additional incentives they receive when they make a purchase.

– Obtains information on market behavior: It causes a rapprochement with customers and causes them to obtain information to understand the behavior of the customer in the relationship that they avoid buying. Through a method to obtain satisfaction or not in the consumer.

– Make customers happy: Offering incentives or rewards to loyal customers does not produce results in products but makes the difference in terms of competition and the most important thing is that it keeps customers satisfied and confident.

– Offer many rewards: if the business works both online and offline and we see that we sell more through the Internet we have to focus on that and reinforce the incentives for customers or engagement ideas as these:

In conclusion, a consumer incentive program is a marketing tool that helps maintain our customers and give them trust and loyalty.