There is no city in Spain like Marbella, offering so many leisure options for all family members. The city has become a good option to celebrate parties and stag nights.

Choose the perfect place for your stag night

The English are increasingly choosing Marbella as a top destination for stag nights, booking private parties on boats sailing from the port of Malaga and enjoying the most exclusive dance clubs of Puerto Banus.

It is remarkable how British tourism is still increasing and how it has become so relevant on the Costa del Sol, which has gained a reputation as the preferred holiday destination for the British -especially to celebrate stag do’s and hen parties-.

Also, there are specialist agencies that organise these type of events, where Marbella is positioned as one of the most important tourist cities of the Costa del Sol and all over Spain.

The most in demand service for all British are the well known boat parties where you can enjoy water games and dancing.

If you want to enjoy a real pleasure at sea you can search for the best stag do’s and hen parties services where you will discover all kinds of activities to enjoy the sea and its beauty.

Marbella Hen do is one of the most popular Spanish destinations among British, and its twenty-three beaches along its twenty-seven kilometres of coastline represents a unique paradise. No other coastal city in the Andalusia area exceeds its number of blue flags.

How to choose the best service

Marbella offers the best Costa del Sol parties and events: warm weather, white sandy beaches and many leisure activities to entertain us all.

Whether you’re out partying in the glam clubs of Puerto Banus or eating tapas with the locals in the Old Town, you can be certain that a stag do or hen party weekend in Marbella never disappoints.

Puerto Banus has plenty to offer, with unique experiences to enjoy the city. British holidaymakers can rent a private yacht to enjoy the best stag do experience abroad and from the sea, sunbathing on deck and swimming in the crystalline Mediterranean waters.

Although when it’s time to choose an apartment, villa or hotel for the whole group, specialised service companies can be a great help, and the same applies when choosing Marbella Boat Party. Any group looking for a stand out and exclusive set of activities can be sure of finding what they need in Marbella with one of these experts.

Once you have figured out your accommodation, you can start thinking of how to make this hen or stag do one people will never forget. A lifetime experience on the gorgeous Marbella beaches.

It is better to choose agencies offering direct services with no intermediaries, and those that offer a a good relation price-quality product for their customers.

Agencies offering different packages have become a vital part of planning here, especially with such a wide range of activities available. Have a think about the extras your group may need, such as “chefs at home”, airport transfers, cocktails menu as well as the whole quality of the service.

At this point it is important to consider that company suppliers must guarantee a good quality service to all customers and have the capacity to respond to your needs, desires and expectations.

There is a good amount of competition between providers for the tourist market. Service prices, accomodation, recreational activities, meals, welcome cocktails, spectacles, and the rest are often added to packages to make the deal even more tempting.

If a company presents decent standard of service this provides not only short-term satisfaction results during tourism visits, but also long-term sustainability. Time and again we see happy customers returning to the same company when booking, and customer loyalty shows just how good the provided service is.