In many cases the reason for not using professional translation and marketing services is not economic, the reason is that managers do not perceive the need to care for the language in all the operations that are performed. Otherwise it may be the case where many resources are invested to carry out marketing campaigns or SEO projects in which a linguistic error is being promoted, this can easily transmit a feeling of little seriousness, leaving the client without realizing all the work done before the translation of the text.translation-and-marketing-3

Similarly, poor translation of other relevant aspects such as the terms and conditions of any business or product may cause the information provided to be inaccurate, which may result in costly complaints and compensation. This is known on the marketing business, where the copyrights and patents are behind of almost everything. This is important to know because a single mistake in a translated word can result in long term problems.

The study, mastery and use of languages is a fact of positive and necessary cultural connotation. In times like the present of a great advance in the technologies and an increasing globalization, the language occupies an important and indispensable place for the economic development, becoming a factor of solution of needs of communication and approach to other towns.

It is obvious that the website is the showcase in which values, products, services and, especially, the image that users remember about the company are represented. It is of vital importance to entrust the translation to a professional web translator specialized in the required language, but mainly in the aimed market, probably with a different language which will require translation and in the sector of activity in which our business is framed.

In this sense, translation as a way of communication is the technical and methodological basis where it is necessary to apply in a practical way the acquired knowledge and the skills developed in the required language. In order to achieve these purposes, it is necessary to understand the true meaning of the texts and being able to give sense where the linguistic and extra-linguistic aspects are present.