The kitchen is no longer just a workroom from the preparation of food and cleaning dirty dishes. Today it plays a much larger role as the heart of the home. You can tell a lot about a person from their kitchen, and modern stylish homes now use the space to reflect personality and lifestyle.

Every home and family is different, and what they need from their living space is equally as unique. The only way to make sure the kitchen is fulfilling its maximum potential is to allow expert designers to plan a bespoke kitchen around those needs. Here are some things you may want to consider during the design.


Smart kitchens make life easier. Technology has changed dramatically in all aspects of life, and nowhere is this more true than in the kitchen. When considering a kitchen renovation, you also need to think about how to integrate the latest appliances and gadgets that will make life so much easier.

Whether it is the major appliances, the oven, the fridge or smaller details such as smart lighting or motion sensitive faucets, using new technology in the kitchen is one of the hottest trends in exclusive kitchen design this year.

Contrast material and textures for extra sophistication

Whether your preference is sleek and modern, industrial and modern or rustic inspired, choosing contrasting materials will add sophistication and class to any kitchen design.

Using wood, metal and stone in combination will improve the aesthetic of any kitchen. With a selection of high quality exclusive items, carefully placed and designed in harmony, the room will be transformed into a place where you feel truly at peace and at home.

Even in the most modern streamlined kitchens, adding a little raw natural material or contrasting texture will bring balance to the whole room, making the bespoke design appear less sterile and more effortless.

Clever storage solutions for clutter free kitchens

Ultimately, kitchens need to be functional. With an exclusive stylish kitchen the last thing any homeowner wants is for their beautiful new design to become immediately cluttered up with utensils and gadgets because the storage is not sufficient.

Often the typical kitchen cabinet or drawer wastes a huge amount of space, and inadequate storage can cause frustration and annoyance. When having an exclusively designed kitchen, it is worth considering what clever storage techniques will work best.

Whether it is deeper drawers for larger items or clever pull out shelving there is a huge amount of options available. Having items that are easy to reach, organised and intelligently designed will put the joy back into cooking, and ensure that your space remains the stress free environment it should be.

Consider space and movement

With the kitchen as the centre of the home, it is likely that it will be both a workplace, when preparing food and a thoroughfare and hangout for any member of the family or guest.

When thinking about placement, consider how the space is used, and how people move through it. Separate the fridge-cooker-sink triangle from the most used path through the kitchen where possible. Remember to allow space to work and open cupboard doors. For the space to be truly free flowing tasks should be able to be carried out with ease and fluidity where ever possible.

Be creative and add a splash of personality

There is a huge range of choice and styles available now. Although many kitchen trends are leaning towards modern styles, do not be afraid to add more rustic elements if you want to . It is after all a reflection of your personality.

Even once the core elements of cabinets and worktops are chosen, do not forget that smaller details such as wall colour, tile choice, splash backs and accessories will add the small details that bring the design together. Try to consider this during planning to make sure that the chosen colour and texture palette throughout the whole room is complementary and harmonious.

Designing the perfect exclusive kitchen is no mean feat, but you can get help and inspiration from the expert designers at based right here in Mallorca.