The bitcoin exchange business is fast expanding, and we’re seeing a steady infusion of new players. Euroxn, a fast-growing exchange that offers both spot markets and cryptocurrency-based futures, is one of the newest contenders.

Euroxn, which was founded in November 2016, has quickly risen to become the fastest-growing exchange in 2020. Let’s take a look at the characteristics that contribute to the exchange’s success.

Euroxn has all of the features that a modern cryptocurrency trading platform should have. The contracts on the exchange allow for up to 100x leverage, allowing for a wide range of trading methods. The exchange also offers simulated trading through its “testnet” version, making it a suitable option for beginners and advanced trading alike. Euroxn even provides some additional incentives, as users can earn $72 in bonuses by completing various tasks.

Before we take a closer look at all of the features offered by Euroxn, let’s quickly go through some of the exchange’s main pros and cons.

The pros of trading cryptocurrency on Euroxn:

  • Derivatives trading with up to 100x leverage
  • Competitive fee structure
  • 7 cryptocurrencies supported for withdrawals and deposits

The cons of trading cryptocurrency on Euroxn:

  • Limited selection of listed crypto assets
  • Full exchange functionality is only accessible to premium members

Now, let’s check out the Euroxn exchange in a little more detail. In the following sections, we’ll be discussing the exchange’s supported cryptocurrencies, leveraged perpetual contracts, fees, premium memberships, and other key features.

Premium memberships

Euroxn has 4 levels of membership. The free basic tier allows users to access the perpetual contract markets. Friends can give new users a free 30-day premium trial membership. Users can also get a free premium trial by inviting a friend and trading on perpetual contracts. The premium trial allows you to trade on the spot markets for free.

Listed cryptocurrencies

Euroxn presently has spot markets for four distinct cryptocurrencies, and its derivatives products allow traders to trade six different crypto assets. In comparison to some of the exchange’s competitors, this selection is somewhat limited. For example, Binance Futures and OKEx both provide a larger selection of cryptocurrencies to trade.

Euroxn, on the other hand, has a unique feature in that it allows for withdrawals and deposits in seven different crypto assets. Euroxn provides consumers with far more possibilities than the ordinary bitcoin derivatives platform in this area.

Leveraged perpetual contracts

Euroxn offers perpetual contracts in a variety of currencies, including BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LINK/USD, XTZ/USD, LTC/USD, and many others. Traders can go long or short on any of these assets, and they can choose their leverage from 1 to 150 times, depending on the coin. Takers are charged a fee of 0.075 percent, which is customary in the industry.

Euroxn subsidises market makers with a -0.025 percent negative maker charge. This has helped the new exchange to swiftly build liquidity and traction, incentivizing traders to inject liquidity to the order book rather than take it out.

Zero-fee spot trading

Instead of charging trading fees for their spot markets, Euroxn offers membership tiers that allow their premium members to trade without any fees. This makes Euroxn especially interesting for high-volume traders.

Is Euroxn a safe exchange to use?

The security concept for Euroxn reflects the exchange’s leadership’s experience. All monies on the exchange are maintained in multisignature cold wallets and only exit cold storage for fund withdrawals, in addition to double-entry bookkeeping to preserve their records.

Euroxn is one of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, but its well worth a look. With only six months under its belt, it has already established itself as the sixth largest derivatives exchange in terms of BTC/USD trading volume.