There are different types of surfaces to cover our floors and each has its own unique qualities, its own advantages and its own disadvantages so there are often many doubts when selecting the material that best suits our needs, since in some aspects some materials are usually superior, but really decline in terms of certain qualities compared to others.

Knowing that each one of them has qualities and weaknesses specific to each material, you should know that the two most resistant surfaces are SPC (Vinyl) Floors and ceramics, but each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses that will make you think at times that one is superior to the other, but in this article we will explain why there is no doubt that SPC laminate surfaces are superior and represent an advantage over ceramic sheets.

On the one hand, we have SPC surfaces with their high strength and durability, really a remarkable feature, but not only is it about hardness because these surfaces are adapted and molded according to weight thanks to its design that integrates a moldable core that fits perfectly with its exterior, they have a really low cost compared to other materials including ceramic laminates, adapt to any environment with a wide and varied range of colors and textures because they emulate perfectly other materials, such as wood, granite, marble, the same ceramics, bricks and many others you can see more examples on the web about the different models and designs in which the SPC laminates are presented, they are really comfortable because they transmit heat and isolate it always keeping a cool atmosphere and its texture is really kind to your feet.

On the other hand, we have the ceramic laminates, which have greater impermeability, among all the materials is the most resistant to water and its components, we can appreciate this for being the material of choice for tanks, baths and swimming pools, but its resistance to shocks, Scratches and high pressure end up turning its great hardness into an evident weakness because unlike SPC Floors, which cushion the weight and are molded according to the merits of the situation, ceramic surfaces do not have this quality, are the most fire resistant material even used in the production of liquors and in the kitchen in various utensils, even some electric kitchens have ceramic plates that withstand high temperatures, satellites and spacecraft use special ceramic coatings, but despite this are really fragile under certain conditions, are one of the most expensive materials for surfaces, unlike SPC, are really slippery, its repair and replacement requires high costs and is somewhat inaccurate unlike the SPC laminates that are installed by sectors, if it deteriorates on a large scale is enough to replace it, of course this task must be carried out by a professional unlike the ceramic with previous knowledge you can practice the trial and error method and only sacrifice cement and glue if you are wrong.