TEFL courses now available to be studied in Spain are certified and produce the most sought after English teachers in the job market.

If there was ever a job that was in high demand, it has to be an English teacher. By applying to TEFL programs in spain you can get a head start preparing for a course that will change your life. An approved course by Trinity College of London and University of Cambridge, the TEFL has a very special teaching methodology that makes it unique and also highly demanded for both native and English speaking teachers.

Having this course is a must for all education professionals, and although you can join English sessions from many other degrees, none have the prestige of this one.

Once your training is over, you will be able to work as an English teacher all over the world, where English is not the first language, and you will immediately become part of a huge international community where you will have the option of teaching abroad, travelling while working, and charge an average of 20 euros per hour, possibly more if you choose to do private tuition, teach in a language school or are employed in other training centers.

Teaching methodology has exalted this type of training

A TEFL course is a very intensive program available to those over the age of 18, who have completed education and who are able to provide an English language C1 certificate.

Some sessions are full-time and others are more flexible, but all are about constancy and hard work in order to learn the house brand teaching methodology. By setting a consistent standard of excellence for all course graduates, the assurance of quality is guaranteed.

Those who have completed the TEFL course in Madrid share and talk about their experiences; how welcomed they felt by teachers and the great atmosphere and friendships created, but what stands out the most is what they learned and how this has served them and allowed them to stand out professionally: a unique methodology used through which the students immediately feel confident and learn faster and makes them better english teachers.

Course prices are higher compared to other courses, but are totally justified by the benefits of having a TEFL qualification on your CV. No other course offers the same prestige and as a result the same employment opportunities that come with the TEFL.

More than a billion people all over the world study English

There are more than a billion people worldwide studying English and demand is growing, according to data offered by the British Council. Therefore, training to become a teacher means there will always be job opportunities and chances to develop your career. Besides it is a great way of traveling around the world and always finding a livelihood.

Today you can apply and start this new adventure in Madrid. The TEFL academy is located in the very center of the city and is a well known teaching place where many students before you have successfully completed their qualification. There will be many others waiting to start, and a chance to learn together and make new friends. The academy website has a virtual university campus where you can ask questions and compare teaching methods.

Rarely can you find such a well established environment in which to learn, with such highly trained teaching staff who are experts in the TEFL methods. These tried and tested methods guarantee all students and teachers of English as a second language.

Even those who do not intend to be English teachers but want to move forward with their language skills, taking advantage of knowing pedagogical techniques that can then be applied in other areas of teaching and even life experiences, are suited to this course. Nowadays, having a TEFL is a professional guarantee of success.