By taking care of our furniture on a daily basis, no matter what material it is made of, it lasts much longer and is almost as good as new. The ideal is not to wait for them to deteriorate before taking care of them, but to pay due attention to them even when they are kept in perfect condition

Consequently, it is important to follow some recommendations that will give long life to our furniture despite factors that may be influencing it to deteriorate more quickly, such as the weather, the cleaning routine in the home and the use of some cleaning elements. That’s why we want to bring you 4 tips to take care of your furniture

1. Always check the condition of your furniture legs

Generally, when the furniture is new it has rubber feet as bumpers, this prevents the floor from being scratched and of course, these plastic furniture leg protectors also allow the furniture to move when someone sits down. But, over time, they can wear out, which contributes to the legs becoming loose and the furniture deteriorating. Therefore, it is necessary to change them from time to time and thus keep our furniture on a firm base.

2. Don’t put anything hot on wooden furniture

As the wood does not resist the heat on it, placing something hot on the surface will immediately make a stain. For example when placing a hot glass. Therefore it is advisable to use tablecloths or cup holders. However, this is a natural material and its restoration is not so complex and does not require an impeccable appearance.

It can be cleaned thoroughly. If you are dealing with fabric or leather furniture, you should spend a good amount of time vacuuming the seats and the back, as deep as you can with this you will eliminate the lint and other residues that just by wiping them down you cannot reach.

3. Remove stains immediately

If you spilled a liquid or anything on the furniture, clean it up immediately to prevent it from getting wet. The correct way to clean is with a tissue or cloth that is completely clean, supporting it and putting pressure on the stain. Don’t rub, as this will spread the stain even further.

Furniture away from the sun. Furniture made of wood, leather or other common elements lose color and quality or can break or crack when exposed to the sun for a long time. So it is best to place them in places where they will not come in contact with UV rays.

4. Avoid the use of ammonia

Make sure the products you use to clean your furniture are ammonia-free. This is a compound that, over time, removes shine and alters the color of the furniture.

We know that there are many cleaning products on the market, which contain ammonia, but it is always advisable to take home the most natural.