Figueras is a Spanish city, located in the north of the province of Gerona, Catalonia. It is also the capital of the Catalan region of Alt Empordà. The Figueras – Vilafant train station is a Spanish train station of the HSR Madrid-Barcelona-Figueras, located in the municipalities of Figueras and Vilafant, in that province. From there, hundreds of people leave daily to different destinations. It will be very easy and comfortable to board any of the trains from Figueres to other cities in Spain where you can take advantage of this high speed transport.

Figueres is the capital of the Alt Empordá, from there you can visit Empuriabrava, a city so famous of the Costa Brava, that nobody who passes by there should miss it. Figueres, extends over a river plain located in the interior of the province of Girona. 

Known for being the birthplace of Salvador Dalí, a place with deep Catalan roots offers the traveler the opportunity to visit the Dalí Theater-Museum, in honor of the genius of surrealist painting. This cultural offer goes hand in hand with several museums and festivals throughout the year, as well as very unique events.

Figueres is culture, history and tradition

This picturesque town is full of tourist attractions and its historical center is bounded by the remains of its ancient wall, built in the Middle Ages to defend the town. From the medieval era you can still appreciate beautiful corners such as the Town Hall Square, remodeled in neoclassical style and where the town hall building stands, or the surroundings of the Carrer Magre, where the old Jewish quarter was located.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts, the castle of Sant Ferran, a fortress built in the 18th century, dominates the city on a hill. Its colossal dimensions, and it’s more than three kilometers of perimeter, make it one of the largest in Europe.

Travel by train from Figueres

But once you have visited such a unique Catalan city and you want to visit other Spanish cities and even leave the country, it is advisable to visit the new Figueres-Vilafant station which even connects with Paris and other intermediate French cities by two daily TGV trains, and with Madrid through the AVE.

Also, there is another older means: the train. The station is located in the center of the city and all the trains of the international line Barcelona-Cerbère stop there. In front of the conventional train station is located the bus station which is a stop for the international lines, as well as for the departure and arrival of the buses of the Catalan and regional lines.