Woman trying on a diamond necklace

Jewelry is a very important fashion accessory in people’s lives, nowadays both women and men wear some kind of jewelry in their day to day, jewelry, believe it or not, is not only a perfect accessory in people’s clothes, because it has all the power to enhance natural beauty and make people more confident.

As you know, silver jewelry as well as stainless joyas de acero are undoubtedly the most sold jewelry around the world, thanks mainly to its price as affordable as its perfect aesthetics and great durability, silver has also become a very appreciated metal in jewelry, so people as such before buying a jewel made of this metal should really know how to identify if a jewel is silver, to avoid any scam, that’s why we decided to make this post, to briefly explain how they can identify if a jewel is silver or not.

How to identify silver jewelry

The first thing you should know is that silver has been worked for many centuries and to avoid frauds a powerful system of international nomenclature has been created, which allows to classify its degree of purity, just as it happens with gold.

Sterling silver:

Sterling silver is an alloy of metals composed of 90% pure silver with 10% other metals, which give the jewel as such a greater resistance and durability, so if a jewel is made of silver or what is normally known as sterling silver, it must have a number marked somewhere on the piece that indicates the purity of the silver.

  •  Silver 925

It should be noted that silver with the 925 seal means that this jewelry itself contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metal, and as we already mentioned this alloy is the one used in jewelry to fully guarantee its durability, and it is even very common to find a descriptive seal on bracelets, rings, chains, among others.

Degree of purity of silver

There is no doubt that to identify silver jewelry it is necessary to know the degree of purity of it.

  • 999: this is the purest form available, which is normally used for the manufacture of high quality coins and jewelry.
  • 958: is the Britania silver, used for the manufacture of pieces of tableware in the seventeenth century.
  • 950: this is sterling silver, which is very common to find in antique silver pieces from France.
  • 925: sterling silver, which is the most common in jewelry and silverware, since most of the jewelry found in the market is made of sterling silver.
  • 835: this is a common silver alloy itself, the same one that is very common in Europe.

3 methods to identify silver jewelry

1. Seal: this is clearly the easiest and fastest way to know if a jewel is silver or not, for this we only have to look for the seal on the jewel or ask a trusted specialist.

2. Magnet method: if a magnet sticks to the jewel, then we will know that it is not silver, however, keep in mind that not because the jewel does not stick to the magnet means that the piece is sterling silver, in this case at least we will know that it is not metal, since the metal is very similar to silver, in this way we can avoid being swindled by selling us a stainless steel jewel as if it were silver.

3. Ice method: in this case place the jewelry on top of an ice cube, if the ice starts to melt is that it is silver, because the silver of a good thermal conductor and transmits cold or heat quickly. Now that you know some techniques to identify silver jewelry you can buy without any fear joyas de plata por mayor either for resale or for your personal use.