Young man visiting beautician in hair transplantation concept

It is no secret that hair transplantation is undoubtedly one of the most reliable methods nowadays when it comes to recovering hair lost due to different causes. At this point it should be noted that the lack of hair or baldness often cause many people problems related mostly to personal insecurity in general.

Normally the most demanded areas in this case are the entrances of the front part and the crown, in the case of men, while in the case of women, alopecia, usually originates mostly by hormonal problems, so this is where the hair begins to lose thickness in the upper area and in the crown, then reaching to produce a widening in the central part, luckily for these people the results with hair transplant are really very effective and noticeable in a very short time, both from the aesthetic point of view and from the emotional point of view, in addition today we can find several clinics where we can resort to the hair transplant in tijuana as anywhere in the world.

The best of all is that this type of surgery is minimally invasive, this means that there are no contraindications at any time from the perspective of surgical intervention and is even useful for treating permanent alopecia, which in this case is caused by radiotherapy.

At this point let’s also keep in mind that the hair transplant is a positive investment, which undoubtedly generates savings, this clearly with respect to the treatments that are usually performed by drugs, in short we can tell you that the cost of hair transplantation is approximately the same cost as resorting to drug treatments, but with the difference that the results are much more beneficial and are noticed immediately, that is why many men usually resort to hair transplantation, such as beard implantation while women usually opt more than all for hair transplantation in the eyebrows.

The hair transplant in addition to everything guarantees us longer term results, this with respect to other similar treatments, and in this case two techniques are usually applied, the first is the FUSS technique, is for those who do not know, is the one that involves removing a small strip of skin from the back of the head, which is the donor area, leaving a minimally perceptible linear scar, and the other is the FUE technique, which is based on directly extracting each of the necessary follicles, one by one, this in order to implant them in the recipient area, best of all is that with these techniques is not necessary to interrupt the patient’s usual rhythm, which is great.

Another point in favor of hair transplantation is that the grafted hair is 100% natural, because as you may know, the hair itself is the patient’s own, in this technique the hair is usually extracted little by little from the nape of the neck of the patient, since this area is genetically more resistant and usually does not suffer from alopecia, so later these extracted hairs are the ones that are implanted in the desired area.

Furthermore, we must not forget that having a hair implant significantly increases a person’s self-esteem, thus improving their image and self-confidence, as well as their personal and social relationships.