Having some quality time with your family is one of the most important things we seek. This summer, do not take any risk. There are fun alternatives that will make sure that you and your family have the time of your life.

A perfect family holiday

Family is the most important people in our lives. Gathering good memories with them is a vital part for any human being, and those memories shall accompany us for the rest of our lives. Some of the happier memories we can get are during holidays. Family is now more important than ever, and the tourism industry is aware of this. 

When you think about holidays, the caribbean usually comes to mind. Now we can find the perfect spot for our family vacations in the Mexican Caribbean coast brought to us by Playa Mujeres All Inclusive Resorts. This is a 5+ stars luxury resort especially designed for families of all kinds. It is the best place to experience quality time with your family while surrounded by majestic beaches.  The resort includes activities aimed towards both, kids and adults, so nobody is left out of the fun. 

Kids find their place with the innovative Doodle® concept, which involves all sort of activities fun and unforgettable for our children. Children up to fifteen can also attend the kids club, a place where they are teached about nature, art, technology,  cooking and sports, all in an interactive fun way. 

Adults have a wide range of activities available for them so they do not miss the fun either. While your kids are having fun on their activities, you can relax by the Caribbean beach or by the luxurious pool. Adults over sixteen have also a wide range of activities available for an additional fee: wine tasting, motorized sports, special or romantic dinners, an evening by the SPA center, etc. Anything you can imagine in order to have fun is within your reach in this resort, always managed by professionals in order to ensure you the most pleasant experience possible.

Spending time together

It is important for each family member to have time of their own to relax and have fun. But what really makes a holiday experience memorable is the time you get to share with your family.  Playa Mujeres family resorts offers all the commodities you and your family may need in order to have the best time of your lives. 

Time together starts on the suite, the place where you and your family will stay during your holidays. Designed by contemporary Mexican artists, the suit offers a luxury experience with a vanguardist design and architecture. Suites include a luxury bed designed to give you the best resting time possible, a marvelous bathroom with marble finishings equipped with an independent shower and bathtub, a minibar that gets restocked on a daily basis and 24 hours room service. 

The resort is full of options to explore with your family. You can walk within its installations enjoying the multiple works of art displayed among their walls and the multiple exhibitions available for the guests.

There are multiple gastronomical options available in the resort that will satisfy even the pickiest gourmet. The resort has 5 different restaurants within its domains: La Consentida, which specialises in Mexican food with international touches; El Suspiro, specializing in Peruvian seafood; Cala di Luna, specialized in traditional Italian cuisine; Kopai, a contemporary Japanese restaurant; and Bikini Azul, which specializes in international food with dishes to be enjoyed by the pool. 

The resort also has a nice and cozy coffee shop which can be considered as the idoneal place to spend the afternoons. There are also three amazing bars available in the resort to make your stay a little more spicy and pleasant.  

If you are looking for a place to spend the perfect holidays with your family, Playa Mujeres Family Resorts surely does meet all the requirements needed for you guys to have the time of your live. Do not miss this chance and make your reservation in order to enjoy an incredible experience.