An excellent gym floor must have certain characteristics to ensure the athletes welfare, since this is vital for all kinds of sports training and athletes continued success. It will certainly have an impact on the efficient performance of their respective physical activities.


The best gym flooring must meet all quality, resistance and aesthetic conditions to help the athletes train, and only the best gyms will know this and install the best for their customers.

So, do you want to know why Pavigym is the best sports flooring company manufacturer? Take note.


Years of experience in the fitting of gym flooring for all types of sports

Pavigym is a leading manufacturer of gym flooring in Spain and its products are highly used in any space where intensive sporting activity takes place. Whether it is a typical amateur gym, or for Olympic level sports, they have done it all.


They know how to adapt to each client’s needs. They understand flexibility and apply the same attention to detail and experience to the design and manufacture of mobile floors, often used in gymnasiums, or the mixed flooring you might typically find in school facilities.

Pavigym floorings are the best

What makes Pavigym gym floors the best? They are premium products with high shock absorption capacities, capable of coping with the jumps and falls you will find in any training room or sports space, and so minimising the risk of injuries to athletes during training.


Pavigym gym flooring is highly suitable for withstanding fatigue created by intensive daily use, but at the same time flexible enough for all types of gym activities from stretching and yoga, to high intensity training.

It also has a dampening effect on any acoustics, to reduce unnecessary noise and allow several users to train undisturbed. And it is smart and stylish, the flooring has a highly aesthetic look.


Pavigym gym flooring is manufactured in different materials and thicknesses, according to the sporting activity that will be done, one of the most common materials being rubber, which is highly resistant, flexible and non-slip.


Depending on the activities and general use, several rubber layers are used to ensure durability and cushioning. Other materials used are PVC, foam supports, wood finishes, among others.


Pavigym manufactures to different specifications for each sporting activity, such as spaces for aerobic exercise sessions, special rubber flooring for treadmills, gym floors, weightlifting and CrossFit, functional training and martial arts among others.


Specific performances are practised in each of these areas and all of them require a highly appropriate flooring to ensure a good experience for all kinds of athletes, -without risk of injuries during training sessions-.


To achieve this record, Pavigym has a professional team distributed in its Alicante headquarters, as well as in its offices among 93 countries, with high experience in manufacturing all kinds of gym flooring.


Gym flooring for all training needs


Pavigym offers the best solutions for gym floors, with high quality materials, beauty and functionality. The available products are:


Extreme: Designed for extreme and high impact competitions, such as CrossFit.

Extreme S&S:

Special for weightlifting areas, gyms and soft impacts.

Endurance and endurance S&S:

floor designed for functional or medium weight exercise rooms.


scientifically designed floor for areas of group exercises, dance therapy, etc.


In halls of high competitions and weightlifting, weight blows and falls can be very common, so this type of resistant floor cushions the blows and reduces the noise.




Body Mind:



They are more flexible and non-slip floors, specially made for performing

meditation, yoga, pilates, stretching and any activity allowing floor

contact. It has a thermal system that reduces discomfort due excessive heat or cold.


They are special floors for martial arts: cushioning

strong blows and quick recovery of its original shape.


Wet areas: Special floor for wet surfaces such as

swimming pools. They are sturdy, hygienic and easy to clean.


In short, Pavigym offers the best gym flooring for gyms and other similar spaces, with the most suitable solutions for each type of sporting activity. When thinking about athletes well-being and performance, Pavigym is the best solution in gym floors: excellent quality, durability, safety and aesthetics.