Executives, entrepreneurs and professionals are being attracted to golf among other reasons for the lifestyle offered by this sport, to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and co-workers, and for being the sport of fashion. Let’s look at these and other reasons to learn to play golf in Spain.Golf can be the vaccine that changes your lifestyle and lengthens your life.golf-in-spain-1-2

Regrettably, often happens that the live involves us in a routine that leaves us little time to administer to ourselves. When we realize the years have passed and we see that our health, our physical appearance and our sports skills have deteriorated. The sedentary lifestyle is the cause of most of the diseases of modern life.

Playing golf gives a lot of benefits for your health: stress, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, Alzheimer, etc. Can be prevented by physical activity when playing golf. A round of golf involves walking 5 or 6 miles in 5 hours. The fallacy that golf is a sport for old people is being overcome. Current golfers are true athletes. When you play a round you will understand the physical and mental effort required.

Golf is a sport that can be played for almost every person: this sport can be practiced from childhood to old age. In old age when the existence of many people begins to extinguish prematurely, golf can be a light that illuminates their way. Another important factis experience achieved of the players. So you could enjoy a round of golf with your sons and even with your parents, there is no problem.

Playing golf helps families to get closer, problems between parents and children are usually due to lack of communication. Everyone gets involved in their world and over time we realize that our children grew up and did not enjoy them as we would have liked. Finally, the golf can be the activity that provides the conducive environment for communication to flow and the experiences that unite us with our children.

In conclusion, golf has multiple individual and collective benefits; therefore it is necessary to take advantage of the alternatives that exist in Spain.