Bohemian style is undoubtedly one of the strongest trends of the season. Her fans select attire that is easy to wear and take care of. Would you like to show off a dreamy garment according to this fashion? Then, you should try a light and romantic look.

In order to achieve a boho chic fashion manner, you are compelled to respect certain basic rules. In a general way, your clothes will have to be graceful but elegant, in the exact combination, with wide and delicious flying garments inspired by the famous hippie festivals of the 60’s.

The pieces of a perfect bohemian wardrobe have to make you feel comfortable and feminine. The powder tones are the leaders. Petty and suggestive laces are essential whether silk or cotton. Ethnic decorations or rock details cannot miss. Are you passionate of heels? Forget it! Bet on the flat sandals of Greek inspiration.

However, you have to take into consideration that this mode is informal and simple but it does not mean you can allow yourself anything. To produce a very attractive appearance, you have to make a conscious effort into it.

If in line with your clothes and shoes you decide to put yourself in a look of bohemian beauty, you do not have to break your brain. As for hairstyles, loose hair falsely messy as caused by the wind is the recommended action. This is delicately wavy to accomplish an extremely fashionable and expected effect. A ribbon is normally one of the “must” of this trend’s fans.

Talking about makeup, looking natural is the most important advice. Unify the complexion with self-tanning powders, enhance carefully the eyes and keep the lips with matte and slightly pink shades. Get some pieces, combine them with genuine art and you are ready to impress everybody with your boho chic fashion style.