When where talking about one of the most beautiful country’s in the world such as Mexico, immediately there is one thing that comes to our minds, its amazing and spectacular locations, its beyond amazing landscapes and its one of a kind beaches.

And let’s face it, if something stood out about Mexico above other attributes are all the dream places that you can find if you have the opportunity to visit this super country.

From deserts that seems to be pulled out of a wester movie that even make John Ford jealous, to beaches that will blow anybody’s mind, and is in the last of these two examples that we’ll find a beach with such beauty that can be compared to any other gorgeous beach in the world.

Its name is Cancun, and is a Mexican City located in the Peninsula of Yucatan in the part that limits with the Caribbean Sea. This incredible paradise is well known because of its beaches but mostly because of its white soft sand.

Another key factor that makes Cancun one of the tourist’s favorite destinations in the world it’s its weather, if you’re looking for a warm and hot destination with a lot of sun, Cancun is the ideal place for you. Its weather is always sunny, it oscillates between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the whole year. But beware, due to the location of Cancun, there are some months where it’ll be rain season, this goes through June to October. The best months to travel and to find the most exquisite climate are November through May.

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Cancun is not just synonym of paradise beaches, but also have a great history, visit this place and let the combination of pleasure and history amazes you.