Our homes represent a space of rest, peace and tranquility in which we can feel real and completely relaxed, safe and at ease, but we cannot always control everything that happens inside the house, will always be the faucet dripping, the shower that does not regulate the temperature properly, the small and annoying leak from the roof and so countless other factors that we cannot control at once, are things that we solve constantly and keep coming back.

    But if something in particular bothers is not having control over the temperature and the level of natural light we receive, although thanks to technology and the great inventions of mankind today we can even regulate these factors, be reading and that natural light is excessive or on the contrary very tenuous really annoying and can be harmful to the human retina, but using a good system of blinds can solve this problem, there are different types and models, from the manuals that allow you to regulate the opening of the sheets by turning a cylinder or simply pulling a cord to a hydraulic and electronic system that you can control either from your universal control or a more modern system that you can access from an interface designed in APP format for any of your mobile devices, no doubt a better alternative than the annoying and obsolete curtains that end up letting the light through no matter how thick they may be.

    There are completely mechanical models that allow you to make a partial or total closure of the passage of light, some with external awnings somewhat outdated, other metalizas that have openings in segments and when fully opened give the impression of metro windows those that have images that are seen from the outside but from the inside is clearly seen but with a lot of dots and for the most demanding, modern and technological virtual electronic systems that employ a sensitive glass system that turns black sui totality or simply project an absolute transparency, to see more about this retina glass system that acts as a virtual blind you can access your search engine and search for everything related to digital windows.

    Without a doubt they are one of the most useful inventions and that ended up evolving in complex structures, giving us the blinds that we know today and that give us total control over the level of natural light, which gives us absolute privacy completely isolating the light and image from the inside to the outside, it is clear that a good choice of this type of tools as its correct location and with the right measures and otherwise the results will not be the best and much less the desired, to isolate ourselves completely from sunlight is also not recommended nor much less healthy so maintaining a control that allows us to introduce enough sunshine a day to bathe our skin and adapt our pupils is really even more important if we work indoors and do not go out very often and this type of tools perfectly fulfills this function.