“We are all ignorant, we are just not all ignorant of the same things”, is a popular saying that reflects a great truth. In many areas you may be knowledgeable, but in others you are not, and that is where expert advice is necessary and timely.

Whether in the digital or face-to-face sphere, consultancy services from specialized platforms or multidisciplinary teams of professionals who are always available to provide a variety of services are becoming increasingly popular. 

For example, nowadays, there are online schools that teach everything about trading, specialists that help you get your Golden Visa or advisors in tax and accounting matters, everything will depend on the need you have, but you can always get the right help.

Everything you need to know about Japanese candlesticks

There is no room for improvisation when it comes to trading. Expert advice is of the utmost importance, and specialized digital platforms are of great help in this regard.

In the wide world of cryptocurrencies and trading, there are many aspects that need to be known and, for which, accurate information is key. For example, one topic to delve into is candlesticks, a term that refers to the charts that should be constantly reviewed in trading, which show the price quotes of assets over time.

There are online trading schools that are breaking with conventional training models, as they add to the theoretical part, real-time sessions with experienced professional traders. 

One of the aspects they include is that participants know how to analyse and interpret Japanese candlesticks, an analysis system developed by rice traders in this Asian country and which became popular in the 1990s among stockbrokers.

It is very important to learn from the experts how to interpret the various elements used in these charts: the colours, the wick or shadow and the body. An online trading school allows you to have all the necessary knowledge in this respect.

Entrust the experts to obtain a Golden Visa

More and more people are applying for Golden Visas in Spain because of all its advantages. Most people choose to have legal advice in order to have the necessary support at every step to obtain this visa in the shortest possible time and in the best conditions.

The Golden Visa is the most privileged and attractive investor permit in Europe, many describe it as the best insurance policy in a volatile world with imminent economic and political risks. It is key to enhance a portfolio that already represents a high net worth. 

Among the benefits of global mobility, holding a Golden Visa offers individuals the alternative of relocating to a better jurisdiction, including all the rights of residency: living, studying, working, receiving health care and more.

Specialist lawyers expedite obtaining this visa, as they know the process in detail and which legal jurisdictions operate the fastest. 

Experts complete forms for applicants and review all documentation. The idea is to verify that the investor meets the requirements to apply for the visa, as well as that the investment is the right one to obtain Spanish residency.

Accounting and tax advice for entrepreneurs

The main challenge for every entrepreneur, self-employed, SME and businessman in general is to grow the business in a controlled and orderly manner, and to achieve this, accounting advice is necessary, especially in areas such as remuneration, accounting and taxation, which are so important and delicate. 

An accountant advisor is in charge of accompanying the entrepreneur so that he/she has the necessary time to focus and grow the business. There is nothing better than having experts who keep proper control of social security contributions and salaries, provide information on tax regulations and updates that apply to the business and also offer legal services according to the requirements of the company, all with a close, fast and efficient attention.

It is important to choose professionals with experience and talent in accounting, human resources and tax matters, which guarantees an experienced service, which does not mean a high cost, it is an investment that ends up being an economic saving, as it optimizes work and increases productivity.