Over the last years, cars have become a vital part of the lives of millions of people. They are the most common transport method and almost every household has at least one. However, only a little fraction of the population knows how they work or could identify its parts beyond the wheels and engine. Being aware of the parts of our car will help us locate possible problems in the future, finding the most optimal solution for them.

The exterior side of the car

Keeping track of the state of the car parts is easier on this part of the car. The main parts of the exterior side are the wheels, the frame and the car body.

  • The frame is the part of the vehicle that gives it stability. It holds the whole cabin, including the car engine, the transmission, the car body, the exhaust system and the steering box. The transmission is one of the most important parts of the frame, along with the motor engine. It turns the power generated in the engine into movement. The energy generated in the transmission is transferred to the wheels.
  • The wheels are a vital part of the car. They are connected to the car body thanks to the suspension system. But it is not only the wheel what is integrated in this part of the car, behind the wheels we can find parts of the transmission system like the brake discs. The wheels are the part of the car that tends to deteriorate more often due to the continuous use. Experts recommend to shop for wheel accessories online, as well as carrying a spare tire with you all the time. It is good to also buy a car jack to help you change the spare tires. You can also get a pressure gauge to check the air levels of your tires and avoid any unfortunate events. 

Tire safety recommendations

Wheels are a vital part of the car, therefore, it is very important that we keep an eye on them all the time. When choosing new tires for our car, it is important to keep into account that they have the size recommended for our vehicle and its load recommendation. 

We should keep our pressure gauge in the car all the time. This will help us avoid underinflation or overinflation, problems that can create wheel malfunction. We should check the air pressure in our tires at least once per month.  You should replace your set of wheels once every 9500 km to avoid wear down problems.

The motor engine

The motor engine is the heart of the car. Without it, the car can not work at all. The basic function of the motor is to transform the electric energy(in the case of electric cars), the combustion energy (generated by the combustion of the fuel) or both (in the case of hybrid cars) into mechanical energy, resulting in the movement of the car. 

Its main parts are the engine block, the crankcase, the cylinder head and the crankshaft.

  • The engine block is a piece made of iron or steel in which the cylinders are located. 
  • The radiator is the main piece on the engine block. On it, the coolant flow picks up the heat from the engine and gives it off heat into the air. The radiator is a vital part of the motor engine, so if we see it acting strangely, you may need to replace it. 
  • The crankcase works as a closure device for the motor engine. It helps preventing water or dust getting inside the engine.
  • The cylinder head is located on the upper part of the motor engine. It is named like that because it manages the cylinders, using pistons to support the explosions they generate. Pistons determine your vehicle’s horsepower, so you want them to operate quickly and smoothly.