Automatic sliding doors are the perfect option for a space with high foot traffic. This system helps to keep the door closed and prevents the user from manipulating the knob, causing damage or contamination. Another important aspect is convenience, the passer-by walks smoothly, without having to stop at the entrance.

However, automatic sliding doors must be adapted to the entrance, which is why it is recommended that they are custom-designed.

Where to buy automatic sliding doors?

The company Erreka specialises in automatic sliding doors, its products are designed to meet the needs of its customers, with top quality doors and mechanisms, all with attractive designs.

Erreka’s professionals study each customer’s case. There are premises with a lot of foot traffic, for example, supermarkets, department stores, shopping centres, etc., which need a mechanism that can withstand this dynamic. There are also premises with medium traffic, for example, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, public offices, etc., where the design and mechanism could be different.

Another specification that some of Erreka’s customers have is that they want to save energy by using a mechanism that keeps the door closed for as long as possible.

The most common installation is a pair of transparent panels that open at the same time, with a mechanism that detects the approach of people and operates automatically. The size can vary depending on the usual flow of people or the design of the space.

Benefits of automatic sliding doors

  • Any organisation that requires visitors to enter quickly and conveniently benefits from the installation of automatic sliding doors. This mechanism prevents people from crowding at the entrance, which can be uncomfortable for everyone.
  • In some medium-sized offices, e.g. a dentist’s office, an automatic door prevents each arriving patient from having to open the door himself. This constant handling can damage the knob, leave the door open, spread germs and many other inconveniences.
  • Automatic sliding doors help to maintain the internal temperature of the building, because the time they remain open is kept to a minimum and therefore very little hot or cold air escapes.
  • Automatic sliding doors are very elegant, provide a distinguished and practical appearance, especially if ordered from Erreka, who have a variety of convenient styles and, as they are made to measure, can be adapted to suit the client’s tastes.
  • The security of the building or office is increased, as the passer-by must stand in a specific place for the mechanism to operate, allowing a camera to be placed to focus on him or her, or any other control to be exercised. Automatic sliding doors can be locked, so that no one can enter or leave in the event of an incident.
  • Automatic sliding doors are very robust, and will do their job without failure for many years. The mechanism that controls them is relatively simple and remains in operation without major maintenance.
  • The initial investment of installing an automatic sliding door quickly pays for itself due to all the benefits, especially the energy savings.

Tips for choosing an automatic sliding door

  • If you have already determined that an automatic sliding door is what you need, you should contact a company like Erreka, which focuses on customised solutions.
  • You should measure the entrance accurately and keep an estimate of the number of people passing through it. You must also be clear about the purpose of the door. All this information must be sent to the supplier company so that they can make a proposal and a budget.
  • Study the estimate and make a decision.
  • After the installation, evaluate the results, look at the electricity bill and check the savings. You can also survey your customers to find out if they prefer to enter through an automatic door.

Automatic sliding doors are very versatile, so they can be installed in almost any space.