Trying to find offers in the next trip I stumbled with a surprise that perhaps for many can be of great use, although it’s well known that free things always are well received, however this offer is destined more for those that might be going through Sweden, I comment some more on Sweden, I comment some more.

Sweden has great cities that have a lot to offer when it comes to tourism, among them the one most known for being its capital, Stockholm.

In the city of Stockholm, besides its many options of destinations to visit, this is a small town called Gamla Stan, which is the one that pushed me to look for information, since a friend of mine commented some interesting things about this place.

Without going in circles, I’m going to tell you that I found a website (for those of you who want to take advantage of it) a that offers a  Free tour Stockholm, among its routes in this town that I’m talking about, the site is called

According to what I was seeing they offer in this tour, the routes are the following: The German Church, The Iron Square, The Merchant’s Square, El Iron Boy, The Royal Palace, The Great Church, The Main Square, El Nobel Museum, The Priest’s Street, The Nobility House, The Riddarholm Church, The Raoul Wallenberg Square and many more.

The departures of this tour are in time, exactly at 10 in the morning (Swedish time) every day.

Besides being able to enjoy this tour without having to pay anything, they also give you some advantages, such as having a VIP card with which you can exchange money for the local currency without commissions.

Another of the great advantages is that the tour is completely in Spanish, that is you are Latin or Spanish travelling these places, no doubt it will be fitting, since even the exhibitors speak Spanish.

For more information you can visit their website, is the same one I mentioned before, by the way, what grabbed my attention more was Gamla Stan, a place where you can find streets with even 90cm of width, you can see more information about this in think Wikipedia link.