There is a popular belief in corporate world that best deals are closed on golf courses, restaurants and hotel halls. It seems like a relaxed and pleasant environment, far from office pressure, favorsholding meetings and developing agreements between interested parties.Golf Marbella offers you an adequate atmosphere to enjoy your best business

Symbiosis between business and this sport is based on the game intrinsic ethics. A good golfer does not cheat to escape a sand trap or increase his score. Not matterhow simple or complicated a shot may be, opponents mutually trust each other in an appropriate performance. It is the same when a contract is negotiated. Parties are confident that benefits achieved will have anequitable distribution and agreements reached will be respected by everybody.

On the other hand, if your rival becomes enraged when he fails making hole, mistreats service personnel or shows inability to handle game tensions, you will have enough evidenceto determine if you are interested in doing business with that person or which is more likely to reject itwithout feeling guilty.

Golf fields are ideal settingfor commercial agreements due to different reasons, away from city hustle and bustle, have spectacular views, partners or future partners spend up to four hours separated from phone calls, secretaries, office meetings and any other type of interruption. They have time and opportunity to meet and share topics that would normally be closed, immerse in an unbeatable atmosphere.

When an entrepreneur, a club member, invites a prospect, partner or supplier to a sporting event, is showing him among other things his power of triumph and his ability. Also, simultaneously, he is sending a not so subliminal message of being reliable and worthy of the other person confidence to jointly undertake successful economical transactions. But if both are members of that club then message would be “we can work or undertake together, we are the same people”.

Therefore if you consider the possibility of doing business with a strangerand you are doubtful whether this would be a good idea or not, if that person is reliable, you can resort to a friendly meeting at Golf Marbella addingmore info to consider at the moment of making decisions.