Croatia is widely known for being a great place for people that want to enjoy their time and go to the beach. The country is amazing, and you have a plethora of amazing opportunities when it comes to exploring beaches and a vast range of locations. With that in mind, here are some of the top beaches in Croatia that everyone should check out right away.

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Spiaza, Susak

This is an interesting island with a lot of sand and an incredible beach. You can get here with ease, and the best part is that it has an amazing vista. It can be crowded at times, true, but it’s still one of the nicest and most interesting beaches in Croatia.


Kupari is south of Dubrovnik and it’s known for the fact that it’s remote and visually impressive. The region is not as tourist-friendly as others, but the visuals here are amazing. It’s definitely a very cool beach that everyone will love.

Proizd, Korčula Island

This is one of the more remote beaches in this list. But it doesn’t take away from its value or anything like that. You can go ahead and enjoy sunbathing or even skinny dipping. There are lots of rock slabs and other different things you can encounter here. It’s definitely a very distinctive and unique beach with a lot of stuff going on.

Zlatni Rat, Brač Island

While the location itself is amazing, what really stands out here is that this is a peninsula. The maritime views are amazing, you also have some hills to go hiking on and plenty of different opportunities too. Overall, it delivers a very good experience and a lot of people will love it. If you love exploring beaches and new locations, this is definitely one of those places that you want to try out right away just because it’s so different and exciting.

Grebišće, Hvar Island

It might not be one of the largest beaches in Croatia, but Grebišće does manage to impress you with some amazing places to unwind and relax. You will be close to the campsite too, so there’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had here.

Lovrečina Bay, Brač Island

As the name suggests, this is a bay where you also have a beach. The location itself has olive grooves and a ruined church from medieval times. Let’s face it, this is the perfect place to explore, relax and just unwind for a little bit.

We recommend you to give these Croatia beaches a try if you just want to have fun and enjoy your time. It really is an extraordinary place to enjoy and explore, and there are so many cool things to do and places to check out. All you need is to check out any of the beaches above, and we guarantee that you will have a very good time. It’s safe to say that each one of these beaches are marvels in their own right, and it’s well worth giving them a try and just exploring them at your own pace. Don’t miss renting a car and drive around in the country and visit the most popular beaches.