Having been chosen as host country for the next 2018 FIFA World Cup this is a good opportunity to talk about Russia. Soccer games among 32 teams with a total of 64 exciting matches will be hold in 11 cities of the European section. The championship will run from June 14 to July 15 therefore you still have time preparing yourself for a fantastic experience in the tsars’ land.

Interesting facts related to Russia

  • Its surface is superior to 17 million km2 making of this nation the largest in the planet concerning to the land. Russian people say this is a continent itself. This country covers an area bigger than 12% of the total solid terrains and has 11 time zones.
  • For this reason it is the region with the biggest number of bordering countries (16) including Norway, Poland, Finland, and China among others. Its territorial waters are in contact with Japan and Alaska. Its shorelines are bathed by the Artic and the Pacific Oceans. Internally it has the Baltic, the Black and the Caspian Seas.
  • However respecting to amount of people, the position is only the ninth. Ending last year the population was over 144 million. Most of the people (approximately 77%) prefer to live in the west. The European zone covers around 40% of the continent.
  • Moscow is one of the more immense metropolises in the world with around 12 million of residents inside its borders. The second main city is Saint Petersburg which has been called Petrograd and Leningrad through its history. Check with a luxury travel agency the available plans to tour both of them.
  • It has internationally the largest power reserves and mineral resources even most of them have not been exploited yet, due to that it is considered the greatest important energy superpower. Talking about forest possessions the principal assets are in Russia as well as 25% of the Earth’s unfrozen freshwater.