If there is one thing we must be sure of, it is that the epitome of a true luxury home does not just turn out to be a well-equipped home. If a luxury home is a property whose characteristics give the opportunity or rather the benefit to its owner to feel prodigal at all times, that is why we want to share with all of you some of the most sought-after elements in luxury homes, without further ado we start fully with the subject.

1. Technology: for no one is a secret that we are living in an era clearly technology, therefore this can not be missing today in homes and less in a luxury home, for this reason is that these houses make full use of it, a sign of it, is that through an iPhone and can lock the doors, fully control the alarms of the house itself, turn on or off the lights, heating as different technological devices from wherever they are, today we can see this type of technology in most luxury houses in Barcelona which also have many of the essential elements that people demand when looking for such properties.

2. The perfect place: there is no doubt that buyers of this type of property are always looking for exclusivity in their future home, find your little piece of the world, your favorite place, your own oasis, therefore, another element much sought after in luxury homes turns out to be that the house is located in a “magical” place, a totally perfect place for future owners.

3. External kitchen: we are all aware that luxury homes are often huge, so these not only have a single kitchen, so for anyone to have another kitchen, but this time an outdoor one, with a pool next door turns out to be a dream come true for anyone.

4. Entertainment or leisure rooms, undoubtedly one of the most sought after elements in luxury homes are the game rooms, rest rooms, cinema, or gym, as many dream of having a luxury home that has this great detail, therefore, most luxury homes should have a space dedicated to leisure activities.

5. Open Dressing Rooms: We are 100% sure that an architectural option, which is really a point of excessive glamour and luxury in a property like this, are the open dressing rooms, which also generate a total atmosphere of pure elegance to the room.

6. Bathroom with all its comforts: generally one of the most demanded elements nowadays for luxury houses, it turns out to be the big bathrooms, which in addition proportions all its comforts, in this case we are referring to spas, that count with its jacuzzi, with its big bathtub, some relaxing showers, as with differentiated spaces.