Guillermo del Toro exalted Mexicans at the Oscar Awards by winning the Oscar for “Best Animation Film.” His film “Pinocchio” defeated great production such as “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.” The magic of the winning film resides in the technique of his animations, as well as in the arduous work behind it since they took approximately 15 years to create. Also, the re-creation of the classical story shows a deeper perspective where, once again, we see proof that animation is not only for children.

To show support, we saw several celebrities accompanying Guillermo, for example, Salma Hayek and the director Alfonso Cuarón who was accompanied by his two children: Bu and Olmo Cuarón. When it was time to celebrate, Mexicans celebrated the victory of “Pinocchio” and we can see iconic photographs in Instagram of the celebrities, for example, Olmo Cuarón and his sister shared photographs celebrating, and we can even see the film’s puppet.

The presence of Cuarón’s children was the focus of attention on the red carpet, on one hand there is Bu who has increasingly become famous on social media, and on the other hand Olmo Cuarón for whom the event was extremely significant because he is also interested in animation and even has uploaded some short films to his YouTube channel.

Olmo Cuarón has what it takes to become an artist and is already part of this social sphere, plus his greatest drive is his own talent. He has already shared several abstract animations that are testament to his creativity, and, at this rate, it is quite possible that we will see some of his creations on the big screen The future of the visual arts is in his hands.