We will explain all you can do with this tool, and how to create a Hotmail account in order to access this service and benefit from all its advantages.

Outlook is the Microsoft email manager, managed and accessed online through Hotmail Email Login, and nowadays it is among the most popular and used of the whole network, with lots of new features and improvements in every update that reaffirms even more that it is the undisputed leader within its market. With each new added improvement, it has managed to create a highly functional tool, very effective for email management but also with many other alternative features that further improve the experience.

Beyond writing, receiving, filing of messages and ultimately all the typical tasks you would expect to do when administering emails, we can also find the following additional options:

Storing files in the cloud: Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service with a large GB capacity for all documents, images, videos, etc. You can create them, edit and delete them all from the same platform (or transfer across platforms if necessary).

It is also interesting that server automatically generates a link to access these files, which you can share with friends, family or work colleagues (if you use it professionally), with the ability to fully manage access permissions as well.

Use Microsoft Office Online: Access the most popular worldwide office license without even having to install it on your computer, this is one of the most tool’s most attractive tricks, much more than a simple Email manager. Thanks to Outlook, you can have access to Word, Excel or Powerpoint always available on your devices and online.

Use it as a personal diary and manage your important dates and appointments using the calendar: not only will you be able to record events on a specific calendar day or time, but you can also go even further by creating reminders or marking messages and writing notes or tasks and linking them in different ways to the calendar, this will keep you organised and on top of your busy life.

The technical team behind this new and better developed Hotmail function (now Outlook) has promised to continue working on it and improving it continuously, and feel proud of how it has developed as a product.

And you can even delegate your inbox so that someone else can respond on your behalf, delete messages, etc. Although you will need to download GSSMO.

In order to make the most of all these functions you will need to create an account, this is a very simple and totally free process that we will explain fully to you step by step.

How to create an email account in Outlook

First step: As you would expect, the first thing you have to do is access the official website of Outlook (although it is also accessible via Hotmail.com, which will redirect you to this).

Second step: Click on “Create an account” on the top right.

Third step: Fill in one by one each field on the form with your personal data, taking special care with the security questions such as password, alternative email address, security questions or alternative phone number.

It is also advisable to pay attention to your domain name, for example @hotmail. es or. com, @outlook. es and @outlook. com.

Fourth and final step: Now you only have to successfully pass the coding test that confirms you are a real person and not a robot enabling you as a person and afterwards you can immediately start using all the services provided with your account.

For more information about creating or managing an Outlook account, or to know more about its creators, uses and platform operation, you can go to https://loginmailpage.net and find out everything you need to know.