The Catholic Church is one of the richest business in the world. All the investigations say that the Vatican and the church are worth $30 billion. For a long time now, the Catholic Church has stacked up money and art. Those things are worth billions of dollars now.

The net worth of the Catholic Church

First, the Vatican owns valuable assets like painting of Michelangelo, for example, which worth is priceless. Then, this is one of the richest states in the world because there is plenty of art like paintings, sculptures, monuments, etc. Indeed, the Sistine chapel is the most visited church in the world. To conclude, the catholic Church net worth is amazing and all of this money come from art and tourists.

The Vatican : a flourishing business

The Catholic Church is the first religion which unites 2.5 billion people around the world. The first thing that brings money on the Catholic Church and the Vatican is all the donations from the people: 368 million of dollars. With this, we can add the 213 million dollars given by tourists and the 130 million in the Vatican’s museums.

As we said earlier, the Catholic Church has a lot of places around the world. In all of this, we can talk about the 182 million of dollars who come by rents. In Italy only, the Vatican owns 115 000 buildings, 23 000 grounds, 9 000 schools and 4 000 hospitals.

In another way, they own the largest collection of art pieces in the world : 70 000 pieces. In all of these sculptures and paintings, we can find paintings from Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and multiple pieces from the Greek antiquity. Here, we can’t talk about money because these objects are priceless but some researchers have tried and they came to this conclusion : the pieces of art in the Vatican could be worth over 100 billions of dollars.

What about wages in the Catholic Church ?

How much does a simple priest earn? A bishop? A cardinal ?

For a priest, the salary can be around 1 000 dollars per month. It is below every salary, but they don’t have to pay a rent for their home because it is given by the church. A bishop can earn around 3 500 to 4 000 dollars in a month and a cardinal can have 5 000 dollars. All of this money come from the Vatican but all of these priests can receive donations by the people.