Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences in life, it does not matter if we do it with our friends or family because a trip can give us a whole new perspective of life, either you stay with a host family in Holand, in one of the Hotels of Punta Cana or in a resort in Riviera Maya, you definetly will learn a lot.

Many times when we are young we are still coneccting and finding with ourselves, trying to find what is what we want to do for the rest of our lifes, that is why traveling is a complete experience because it give us skills and life-long personal benefits.

One of the main reasons to take a plane and fly away is to get out of our comfort zone, we know that the idea of breaking out of our daily roles, and be away from mom or dad can be scary, but if we want to learn a lot of new things we need to be uncomfortable. To be out of our daily routine will teach us how to react and respond in new situations.

In a new place we have to connect with people despite differences; lenguage, religión, nationality, it will help us to build confidence in ourselves. Once we realize that we can do a lot of things by ourselves it will be easy to adapt wherever we are.

Traveling or living abroad is the best way to learn and speak a new lenguage because we need to communicate with someone else daily, and this is a good opportunity to make connections and networking. Commonly people loves to talk abut their home and culture, so that is a good ice breaker to start talking with someone new, so meet as many people as you can when you are traveling, it will make so much funnier your experience.