Despite the economy entering into freefall after the 2008 financial crisis, Spain’s economic rebound is going from strength to strength. With the 10th largest economy in the world by GDP, and the 12th largest purchasing power parity, there has never been a better time to invest.

Exports are growing steadily, with the economy mainly focused on service based industry (71%) and the remainder from construction, industry, energy and agriculture. International investors are looking closely at how they can Invest in Spain, and the country already hosts many large global corporations.

How to get started with your investments in Spain


It is no surprise that starting to invest in a new country will have its challenges. With a complete new set of legal regulations and tax obligations, the process can seem quite alien, and that is even before factoring in any language barrier you will face.


Carrying out any form of business, corporate or personal, will require a certain level of bureaucracy, and small mistakes can be easily made with wide reaching consequences.


This is why you should consider choosing a partner like Henry Towers, a consulting firm that specialises in all aspects of conducting business in Spain. Acting as a one stop shop they can cover all areas with professionalism and care, including providing multilingual services.


Maximise your business value through mergers and acquisitions


Investments, particularly mergers and acquisitions, can be complex. Even deciding the direction you want your business to take can be extremely complicated, before you even reach a stage of discussing deals.


A consultant like Henry Towers will take the time to fully understand your business, what drives it, how it operates, where the business is now and what strategy to take forward in terms of future investments in Spain. It is important that any merger or acquisition is a good fit for the company, and importantly will deliver a return on the investment.


Therefore there needs to be excellent communication between you and the consultancy firm, with regular updates on progress and important decisions that are needed and clear reporting at the end of the review and delivery.


With a trusted partner you can focus on your business, while safe in the knowledge you are compliant and guided through your tax affairs. You will very quickly find that you are able to maximise your business value, and if needed understand how to raise the capital to accelerate your investments.


Funding and financing your investments


Whether it is funding an acquisition or simply to accelerate growth, you will need to decide on the best balance between debt or equity capital. Henry Towers can help with this.


Every company is unique, and nowhere is this more true than with financing requirements. Sourcing capital or credit facilities in a different country could be difficult without guidance, but the right partner will have access to extensive partner equity, family office and lender relationships.


It is not just the funding that is important, having access to a valuation service you can trust is also vital. Henry Towers are able to offer advices from multidisciplinary experts within the consultancy firm to give thorough and comprehensive advice.


Choosing a one-stop shop is the best option, especially if you are new to conducting business in Spain. By choosing someone who can advise on everything, you can be sure that you will not suffer the consequences of something being missed.


Afterall, whether it is finance, tax, employment law or any other legal formality, you cannot manage each one in isolation, they are all key parts of running your business successfully.


Not only that you want a partner, who can help grow your business and maximise opportunities to do so. One that understands the complexity of the issues your business may face, and can give a sincere and honest opinion.