Golf is a sport that can become a passion for a lifetime. For children it is easy to catch a golf club and learn to hit a ball, but there is something more important than the mere fact of playing golf: learning the basic values of this great sport and then, being able to play in Spanish top golf course. So, let’s keep reading to discover the most important features golf has for the kids.spanish-top-golf-course-3

Education. Golfers must comply with standards, other than knowing that many golf courses have a dress code, the obligation to request departures and be punctual at tee times at the start of the game. During field play, all players must be respectful of each other. The children learn that they must be quiet at the moment when others are about to hit the ball, that they must take care of the field, not to tread the putt lines, to be honored in the notes of the card, etc.

Perseverance. Golf is an easy sport to learn, but a difficult sport to master. The best golfers have spent years playing and practicing different aspects of the game. Even if your children are playing for fun, golf will help them to see the value of not giving up and continue to work hard, practicing the skills needed to improve their game.

Prudence. Children naturally are not aware of the dangers that surround them. But, as they learn to play golf, they will gain an understanding of when they can move a club without risking hitting someone, while being aware of not being beaten to themselves. They also learn to understand the importance of knowing what is happening around them.

Respect. At the end of a game of golf, players shake hands. Your child will learn that winning or losing, respect for their opponents is an important part of the game. Children also learn that it is not always about winning, it is about doing the best and realizing that people who are playing against others strive to do the best as well.