The world we live in is increasingly struggling for resources, and more and more the public are becoming aware of this, and the impact they have on the world around them through their spending habits. It is estimated that the average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing each year. Not only does this have an impact on the amount of refuse generated and handled, but has a huge impact on the environment in production when you consider this globally.

As such a new philosophy is taking hold, the perfect antidote to the ‘fast fashion’ trend of recent years – sustainable fashion. Consumers are embracing this philosophy, and making greener choices when it comes to purchasing clothing and accessories, in a move to become more socially responsible.

And textile manufacturers are taking note and responding accordingly. Companies such as EVLOX, which has a huge legacy and expertise in fabric creation since 1846, are leading the way in developing new sustainable materials for some of the biggest well known brands.

The fashion industry is leaving a terrible scar on the planet

Believe it or not, the fashion industry is the second largest cause of pollution worldwide. For many this is unacceptable and they are looking for a more ethical solution. The whole sector now has the opportunity to follow suit and many are bringing social, ethical and environmental issue to the top of their agenda.

Sustainable fashion encourages the reduction of harm to the environment through the lengthening of the lifecycle of materials and clothing and the practice of environmentally friendly consumption.

Ethically fast fashion has lead to some terrible conditions and pay for workers in developing nations who compete to import as much as possible as cheaply as possible into richer, typically western, countries.

And in relation to the environment the production uses huge amounts of water, creates terrible pollution from dyeing, consumes enormous amounts of raw materials, and the unsold or waste clothing then has to be incinerated or sent to landfill. Further polluting the planet. Step forward EVLOX, with the solution to the problem.

A history of innovation in materials and a sustainable future

Previously known as Tavex, this textile manufacturer has a rich history in developing materials. They have been denimakers since 1846, starting in Bergara, Spain specialising in calico textiles and other cotton fabrics, with the famous indigo dye famous in denim as the main colour.

The company rose to be the largest in Spain by 1989, and now operates in 50 countries with 500 employees worldwide. They produce 15 million metres of high quality denim every year. And they are taking 170 years of experience in creating and designing new solutions for the world’s leading fashion brands to take fabric production to the next level, and a sustainable one.

The company has been reborn, Tavex is now Evlox, a change of name to reflect the drive of the company towards new and innovative methods, yet keeping the true essence and legacy of its history. And rather unusually, it places huge focus on research and development, continuously searching for new methods and great quality.

Dedicated to the future: Solidarity. Equality. Wellbeing.

One important aspect of sustainable clothing is to move away from fast, disposable fashion. This means focusing on quality and durability, and creating value. Sustainable development does this, and Evlox is committed to this goal, bringing core values of solidarity, equality and well being to the heart of everything they do.

They have an ethical policy that recognises, acknowledges and attempts to mitigate any impact the company has on the world around them. This is one of the reasons why research, development and innovation is so important to them. With this approach they can discover, design and produce distinctive, quality fabrics that are also eco-friendly and will meet the needs of their clients more aware and responsible customer base.

And the dedication to sustainability starts at the very beginning of the supply chain, from the choice of raw materials and rationalisation of consumption. Throughout every attempt is made to minimise emissions in transport and production.

Working with the brightest minds and thought leaders in the industry, EVLOX is uniquely placed to provide innovative products, but also considers the innovation of the future, carefully nurturing young minds through student collaborations with schools and teachers. Through this they can spread the sustainability message while stimulating the creativity and talent of future innovators.

The only full end to end sustainable production of denim

EVLOX has taken the full process of producing denim and through technology has refined and improved each step of the journey to ensure maximum sustainability.

The raw materials selected are a mixture of both new and post-use recycled materials. For example 15% of the fabric produced is from recycled cotton, typically from post-consumer denim, taking waste out of the landfill and incineration process. Perhaps even more impressive is that another 15% is take from recycled polyester – taken from used plastic bottles. If this isn’t a great move given the environmental impact we are seeing of plastics on the natural world then I don’t know what is.

The approach to the following production phases such as spinning, dyeing and finishing the material is taken with equal care and precision.

The results are impressive. 93% saving of water used in more traditional production. 15% energy saved and a 30% production in CO₂ emissions. Consumers can be confident in knowing that they can lessen their carbon footprint than if purchasing non-sustainable products. There is also a huge 22% saving in the chemicals used, yet without the drop in quality and colour intensity.

The result is some impressive global accreditations and certifications, that give a seal of approval to the operation. It is no wonder that brands are keen to use their materials in their denim products. And there is a wide range available, from the e-Vintage collection, dedicated to authentic original denim to the newer fabrics and styles that suit every type of garment.

For a bright future we all need to be more responsible and sustainable, and consumers are really starting to vote with their feet and their wallets. And EVLOX is right there with them.