If do want to play in the best golf courses around Murcia, but surely you want to do it in the right way. Nowadays, many players are afraid to make mistakes or to make their teammates waste time in every game.

This is likely to help the environment around the playing field be tense. If want to make good things, it is better to follow the different tips that you will read shortly. They are simple to follow and in doing so you will be sure that the game will continue according to the plans of the participants.

Prepared to play your strike

For golf matches that are played on the best courses but with an informal figure no strict rules are required. It is better to establish certain rules in order to not create misunderstandings on the game.

To fulfill this purpose you must follow the recommendations indicated below:

  • The first player has the right to make his hit when he reaches his ball, regardless of whether it is his turn or not.
  • In the tees, if somebody arrives in advance first than the others, you win the right to put the ball to play even if it’s not your turn.
  • Can leave all the implements, sticks and other items next to the Green that is in the way. To finish successfully the blow this can easily collect their belongings and walk to the next hole.
  • Is a functioning and god way not to waste many hours looking for it in the episode that it deviates from its trajectory, when focused in the flight of the ball.
  • To be consistent with the game is ideal not using any electronic device, such as: cell phones, tablets, Ipod, smart watches, listening music, among others, than can create any distraction.

By bringing together all these simple tips and moreover rigorously are fully complied with, it is very potential that the time savings from the use of the golf course will be minimized. Around of Murcia you will find a lot wonderful places to practice and you can be the best.

best golf courses around Murcia