The industrial sector is one of the most important ones for the economy. Millions of families across the world rely on this sector as their job and main source of income. But if there is something that characterizes this sector is the amount of heavy machinery or materials that move around the factories. Due to their nature, heavy loads need to be transported with extreme precaution to avoid any damage to the cargo or the workers. Down below, you will find information about some of the best techniques to safely transport heavy loads around your factory. 

The importance of getting a spreader beam

The transportation of heavy loads is a very sensitive matter. If inexpert hands were to try it, it could result on the damage of the machinery or cargo we are trying to transport, and, what could be even worse, it could result on the injury of the workers trying to move those. Therefore, only professionals and qualified companies with the adequate  lifting equipment should attempt to do so. 

Different types of loads will require that we use different types of lifting equipments, such as shear legs, fork lifts, cranes, etc. But if there is a equipment your company should definitely adquire, that would be a spreader beam lifting system

Spreader beam are some of the most versatile lifting equipments in the market. What makes spreader beams so practical is the possibility of assembly this type of equipment offers. You can use a single spreader beam alone, or assemble many of them together, upgrading their length up to 34 meters and their lifting capacity from 2 to 1350 tons of load.

It is very important that we make our research about spreader beam equipment and check out the latest spreader beam news to find the best spreader beam models that comply with all the regulations on the sector. A good spreader beam comes with a lot of perks, such as:

  • It is designed and certified according to the current legislations and norms. Using uncertified lifting equipment can result in monetary sanctions and what could be worse, put the person that is managing the equipment in danger.
  • Individual spreader beams have a small size and weight that helps us reducing installation, storage and transportation costs.
  • Spreader beams are among the cheaper lifting equipment products. 
  • Designed to be completely watertight terminals, which makes them the perfect equipment for the Oil&Gas, Maritime and offshore sectors since it prevents any leakage of moisture that could generate corrosion. 
  • You can assemble as many spreader beams as your necessities require, as well as remove them to adapt to any lifting work.
  • You can combine multiple spreader beams vertically for the lifting of multiple anchorage points.

Overall,spreader beams are the smart option for most types of lifting work, making them a must for companies that deal with heavy loads.

Moving your load around with the help of a self propelled trolley

Lifting equipment is amazing to transport heavy loads across the air. But, what happens when we do not wish to lift the load and we simply want to move it from one point to another? That is when self propelled trolleys come in handy. 

Self propelled trolleys are the perfect option to move heavy loads. They have a very large load capacity (that varies from 30 to 200 Tons depending of the model), a very low height (different models range from 260 mm up to 450 mm) and make 360º  turns, which makes them the perfect equipment to transport heavy loads.

While shopping among the different self propelled trolley options, it is very important that we acquire a model that:

  • Has great manoeuvrability so we can use it on small places.
  • Incorporates a remote control system for an easy and intuitive driving. 
  • Can be used in dusty, uneven or rough surfaces.

If we do so, we will end with a self propelled trolley that will make our job a thousand times easier.