Men fashion is now more important than ever. Looking good is the first step towards feeling good. Male fashion trends are always changing, which makes very important to keep up with them. In this article you will find the most popular incoming trends so you will get to look your best.

White leather jackets

Leather jackets are a essential clothing piece on every closet. They can be made of genuine leather, but there are also synthetic leather alternatives for people that wish to wear clothing where no animals have been harmed. The last leather jacket trend include a fun twist: the white colour. White leather jackets are genuine and stylish pieces of clothing that will give your final look a mix between street and sophisticated fashion. The most important brands have already jumped into this trend wagon, creating some clothing masterpieces such as:

  • Diesel’s white moto jacket: inspired by motorbike fashion, Diesel has created a white leather jacket unique in the market. This white leather jacket colour highly contrast with the graphic designs featured in it. These graphic designs are inspired by 90s brands logos, giving a colourful look to the jackets and making them resemble the ones that professional motorbike race drivers wear.  The jacket is 100% made with genuine lambskin. It features four utility pockets, zipped cuffs and scuffed shoulder pads with rear accordion stitching.
  • Laverapelle’s white biker jacket: Laverapelle’s white jacket is the perfect alternative for your work attire. This budget friendly jacket has a very elegant lining, making any attire seem more formal and sophisticated. The best feature of this jacket is that it was created keeping in mind the needs of all men, so they come in a wide variety of sizes in order to fit any body shape. 
  • Leather jacket master’s white hooded jacket: this is one of the most original white jackets you will be able to find in the market. It has a vanguardist design with cyberpunk vibes. This jacket is competitively priced, making it an option you should definitely consider. The jacket interior are made of glossy satin, which not only makes the jacket look more elegant, but will also ensure that it lasts in good conditions for a extended period of time. It features a YKK zipper, four pockets (two of them interior) and open cuffs. 
  • House of leather’s vintage biker jacket: this white jacket has a very modern mixed design. The white jacket design is topped with a cross hatch pattern on the shoulder area, and a slim lining design on the rest of the jacket. The jacket’s minimalistic looks will give you an elegant vibe without being too flashy. This jacket features four outer pockets, open cuffs and enclosures beautifully zipped. 
  • Straight to hell apparel’s bone leather jacket: this beautiful jacket features a very contemporary design in genuine full-grain buffalo napa leather. It has a very distinctive timeless design, which will give you a nice look no matter how much time it passes by. 

A trendy brand

Different fashion garments often get in trend. But in some cases, a brand name is the latest trend. This is the case of the brand named Sinners. This fashion brand is on trend, and wearing any fashion piece of clothing with their name on it is already considered as a fashion statement on its own. This brand originated in the south of Wales, and overcame its humble origins to become a renowned name in the fashion industry. 

Famous celebrities all around the world can be seen wearing Sinners pieces of clothing. Among their clients, we can find famous pop singers, football players, DJs, etc. Wearing a clothing piece by Sinners will help you feel closer to your favorite celebrities and at the same time you look stylish. 

Sinners clothing can be purchased in multiple online stores, as well as many classic retail stores. They are budget friendly, so there is no excuse to not own at least one clothing piece designed by them.