There are extraordinary options of wonderful tourist destinations around the world that you can visit, on all continents. But there is a route in Ecuador that you must travel and that you will surely never forget: it is the Volcano Route, which includes a visit to a fascinating variety of these interesting geological formations.

Adventure tourism and seeing extraordinary places around the world is a passion that many share and that they can enjoy thanks to the extraordinary variety of options that exist on the five continents.

For example, there is a spectacular tourist walk, called The Route of the Volcanoes, which consists of visiting majestic volcanoes located in Ecuador. It is a stunning tour that can be done with the support of specialised tourism agencies that take care of everything so that the client only worries about enjoying.

It is a wonderful experience that can be lived with adequate planning, which can be obtained with the support of a good tourism company that handles all the logistics, transfers and other actions linked to the corresponding expeditions.

What locations does the Volcano Route include?

The Volcano Route runs through the main volcanoes in the central and northern areas of the country, as well as different towns that are along the way. It passes through the so-called Avenue of the Volcanoes, in the Andes Mountains, which links volcanoes such as Quilotoa, Cotopaxi, Altar and Chimborazo, among others.

You can do this tour with the Expedition Tours plans offered by Expedition Ecuador, which facilitates this and other extraordinary tours in Ecuador. It is an agency that offers tours, cruises and various types of adventures and tourist trips to satisfy all preferences.

Among its tourist offers is the Volcano Route, which extends for approximately 500 km, which can be travelled by car, bus or even by bicycle, if you have the appropriate physical conditions to do so.

During the tour, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, with unique views of the solemn volcanic cones covered in snow and surrounded by impressive mountains.

The Expedition Ecuador Travel Angency can include you in its tours, which include hikes and ascents to volcanoes, with the proper guidance of professional guides trained to provide the best service to tourists. For example, you can climb the Quilotoa crater or take a vigorous hike in the Cotopaxi National Park, all in a safe and organised way.

Also, there are picturesque typical towns located along the route, such as Pujilí, Latacunga or Saquisilí, where tasting the local cuisine and enjoying various tourist attractions and services are its greatest attractions. The tourism agency will take you to the most attractive ones.

Complementary activities

If you want to experience the Volcano Route to the fullest, you have to visit the extraordinary indigenous markets that are set up, for several days a week, in several of the aforementioned towns.

You can also include exciting activities such as horseback riding, bike rides, outdoor camping under the stars, and visits to hot springs.

It is advisable to do the route for various days to calmly enjoy all the attractions, landscapes and other activities that are scheduled. With Expedition Ecuador you can organise excellent itineraries, to enjoy as a couple, with family or with your friends ; just contact us through our platform and plan your next adventure.

The Volcano Route provides unique experiences to rejoice in the natural wonders of Ecuador, its spectacular landscapes, its gastronomy, the attention of its people and its Andean culture. It is a wonderful and unforgettable tour that everyone should experience and that is totally within your reach.

So now you know, check the travel options that there are for Ecuador, the tours that are offered for that country and carefully examine the one that has been described, so that you can agree with the indicated tourism agency and make your reservation. . They will take care of everything, even the smallest details, to facilitate the trip and maximum enjoyment.