Tuscany, Italy is famous for its handmade Italian leather products which are sought after worldwide. One of the most famous producers from the Tuscany area is the Florence Leather Market, widely regarded as the world leader in the in the handmade leather industry. Their recipe for success is to produce leather products from the highest quality while providing client service of the highest standard. This attitude differentiates them from other producers of leather products.

What is the best day bag to carry with you?

The one thing, that every woman must have for everyday use is a day bag which is large enough and practical without looking out of place. There are various bags available but one of the best is a tote bag. The original purpose of the bag was to carry a lot of things in it. It originated in the 1940’s and the name means “to bring “and was used when a lady would go boating during weekends. The classical shape of a Tote bag resembles a trapezoid with two long handles, which can be carried over the shoulder or as a handbag. Today it can be used when going shopping, attending classes, at work or going to the gym. The Italian Leather Tote will be stylish and comfortable in any situation.

The Florence Leather Market caters for all needs.

At Florence Leather Market they understand the needs of their clients and the challenges that women must face on a daily basis when they must divide their time between all the different activities that family and work requires. One of the best items for a woman to have is a day bag which is large enough, practical but still stylish and elegant. The requirements are that the bag must be fashionable, stylish and comfortable when used during the daytime. The italian leather tote range offered by http: //florenceleathermarket.com offers all of that and much more to the discerning, fashion-conscious client who wants to look her best at all times. The Italian Leather Tote range consists of 7 different designs, each with its own unique style, design and functions without compromising the basic characteristics of a tote. The different designs offer a great range of different colours to ensure that it caters to whatever preference the client might have. The genuine Italian leather that the totes are handcrafted from, differs and the client can choose from soft cow leather, calf leather, luxury Saffiano leather to embossed crocodile patented calf leather. It is available in different size totes, to cater for every possible use and ensures that there is enough space for whatever must be carried along, be it sunglasses, tablet or even laptop while still looking fashionable.

Buy online from FlorenceLeatherMarket.com

The craftsmanship of the leather crafters at the Tuscany Leather Market ensured that there is worldwide demand for leather products that carry the tag “Made in Italy”. The good news is that you can now own a handmade leather Tote fashioned by the renowned craftsman from Florence Leather Market, by just visiting the online store at http://florenceleathermarket.com and clicking on the Tote of your choice.”