In today’s world, in which tourism moves millions of euros and people, it is very important that our hotel meets our customer’s expectations. Just like it happens with any other type of business, customers visiting your installations will perceive the decoration of your hotel as your calling card, since to them it speaks volumes about the service they will receive. Down below, you will be able to find some very useful information about how to improve your hotel’s decoration and therefore, your brand.

The importance of taking care of your hotel’s decoration

When it comes to hotels, decoration is key. Decoration is something that can be easily overlooked, but that has a lot of relevance in the way our hotel and brand are perceived.

It is well known that if a client has to choose between two different hotels in the same area and within the same price range, he will always choose the one with a more appealing decoration.  

The decoration of your rooms will speak volumes about your brand. Within the same budget, you can acquire furniture that will make your rooms look plain or you can find some amazing hotel furniture that will give your rooms a truly luxurious suite look. 

A luxurious decoration will not only make your rooms more appealing to a larger clientele, but also allow you to charge more for exactly the same room. 

But luxurious decoration goes way beyond room decoration. The whole hotel needs to match the rooms’ aesthetics in order to be appealing. This includes the rooms’ bathrooms or the common areas. Something like using a Chambermaid Royal cart for your room service may seem like a tiny detail, but will definitely strike your customers attention, making them more eager to pay future visits.

Some elements you definitely need to keep an eye on include:

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories may be small, but they make a big difference in the way the customer will perceive it. Something like a luxurious soapbox with an elegant and delicate form will adapt to any bathroom’s decoration while bringing a lot of style to it.


Classical furniture adapts perfectly to any hotel. These ornamental pieces are often inspired on the ones used at eighteenth century palaces, which will help your clients feel like a member of the royalty during their stay. By buying these decorations from professional retailers, you will also have the choice of personalizing each piece’s size, so it fits perfectly on any of your hotel’s rooms, no matter the size.

Hotel accessories.

Success can always be found on the smaller things. Some of the most important impressions a client will get from your hotel come from the common areas. For example, a luxurious umbrella stand will bring a lot of elegance to your hotel’s receiver. 

Other things to keep in account include the lightning systems, or mirrors that you will be able to use to decorate either common areas or private rooms.

Be careful while buying luxurious furniture

Luxurious furniture can work wonders for our hotel’s brand, but we need to be careful when it comes to acquire it. Sometimes, we may encounter luxurious furniture for sale whose prices are just too good to be true. These pieces of furniture may have a lower quality, which on the long run might affect their appearance and functionality and result in a serious loss of money. Therefore, it is very important that we acquire our luxurious furniture only from reliable sellers. Make sure all finishes are protected with a special varnish to make sure they last the pass of time and that they meet all the regulations from your country, such as CE, UL. CU TR, SASO, SONCAP with a quality certificate ISO 9001. Only then you will be sure that you are acquiring a piece of furniture that will be worth your money.