Every visitor that arrives to Barcelona, the capital of the Autonomous Community of Cataluña in Spain, cannot miss Tarragona, located about 100 kilometers away and accessible by different means of transportation. This is an astonishing beautiful city in La Costa Dorada, as this region is known in the native language, Spanish.

Its perfect location on the Mediterranean Sea coasts of a mild climate during the whole year is one of the reasons why it is a preferred touristic destination. Its golden sand beaches of warm waters, together with its recreational attractions, historical backgrounds and artistic legacy, make the second motive of taking time to know the legendary Tarragona.

Talking about its legacy, we can say it was one of the most important cities of the nation during the ancient Roman Empire. Also it was the capital of the province called Hispania Citerior or Tarraconensis. The «Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco», a venue you must include in your tour, has made this region considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

This year you have the opportunity of your life since the Mediterranean Games will be held here. The XVIII edition of this event will take place in Tarragona between June 22 and July 1, 2018 with 23 countries and more than 4000 athletes participating in 33 sport disciplines like athletics, badminton, handball, basketball, boxing, cycling, fencing, water skiing and artistic gymnastics among them.

The transportation should not be a concern for you because regional, national and international lines of buses arrive to the downtown. Only 7 km far in Reus there is an airport that offers local and transnational flights. Also you can consider taking taxis. The vehicles are white and identified with a diagonal stripe in each front door with the municipal shield on it. Besides travelling by train to Tarragona is possible and the high-speed service station is merely 10 km from the city center.