There are many reasons why people lose their hair permanently. Sometimes it is genetic, inherited down through the family. Sometimes it is related to conditions like alopecia, or perhaps is the result of an accident or injury that scars or damages the hair growth. Sometimes it is just worn away by the constant wearing of headwear.  

Whatever the cause, hair loss is more often than not irreversible. Many products exist in the market that claim to slow or reverse the balding process, but the truth is that this is simply not effective. For those that do not choose to embrace it, this can have quite heavy consequences for their confidence and mental well being.

However there is a simple, permanent solution that actually works; the hair transplant. And now it is affordable to all.

A new lease of life, without breaking the bank

Typically the most that is said about hair transplants is when the rich and famous have had the procedure and are plastered across various media channels. In would be normal to think that the average person could not afford to do it.

Yet this is no longer true. While hair transplants may well cost more than €12,500 in the UK, and considerably more in the US, medical tourists are flocking to Turkey, where a procedure can be as little as €2,500. This makes it entirely within reach of the average person, more so than ever before.

The other great thing about this for those that want the procedure, is that a procedure at CapilClinic will mean that quality, safety and expertise is not sacrificed at all in order to offer this low price.

You will still see top doctors from all around the world coming to Turkey to be at the centre of the hair transplant world and development and champion the very latest techniques.

The medical facilities are also second to none. Capil Clinic procedures are all carried out in JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals, with all the services offered in modern state of the art hospitals that are independently reviewed to ensure the highest standards.

It is so cheap, how is this possible?

It can seem as if the price is unbelievably low in Turkey, especially when the quality, service and patient safety is not being sacrificed as a result.

It becomes even more unbelievable when the clinics also include a private chauffeur, a personal translator/assistant, and a stay in a 5* hotel in that price.

Yet it is completely true.

The main cause is down to exchange rates. Turkey does not use the euro, and the Turkish lira simply has a lower value than other currencies, like the pound, euro or dollar.

Add to this the fact that Turkey has become the hair transplant hotspot of the world and competition to give the best service for the lowest price is fierce, and the fact that costs are generally just lower.

How hair transplants work, permanently

The general principle is that hair is taken from an area of the body that has healthy hair growth and then implanted into the problem area. The hair follicles will take root in the new location and so restore hair growth to the area permanently. This can be done thousands of times until there is new dense coverage across the area being worked on.

There are various techniques to do this, but by far the most effective due to being less invasive and relatively bloodless is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It requires local anaesthetic only, so the patient is conscious the entire time – which is far less risky than a general anaesthetic.

It also means the patient can return to their normal activities very quickly, and the healing process is relatively straight forward with minimal scarring.

People no longer have to live with hair loss if they don’t want to

It is reckoned that around 60,000 people from across the globe have travelled to Turkey for the procedure in the last year. Now it is more accessible than ever, there is finally an option for those who find their confidence and appearance negatively affected by unwanted hair loss.