Cancun is inQuintana Roo, Mexico, and its surrounded by the clear waters of the Caribbean. It is characterized by its beautiful beaches whose coral sand is fine and white as baby powder. Its sea of transparent waters has an impressive shade of blue that goes from emerald to turquoise, this will make you questioned the word clarity and what does clarity means.

Here in Cancun you can find ruins,this will give you a glimpse of the Mayan Culture, architectural constructions such as El Rey, will blow your mind. El Rey is an archeological site of the pre-Columbian Mayan Culture,is in the southeast of Mexico, in the territory that today occupies the state of Quintana Roo, precisely in the tourist center of Cancun.

Another ancient place worth visiting is the Templo del Alacrán or YamilLu’um, a group of archeological ruins facing the sea, which correspond to a small Mayan temple of the 18th century, approximately.

Xel-Ha, which is considered as a natural aquarium, will leave you breathless, with its magnificent landscapes and the natural wonders this park has to offer.

Visiting the Río Secreto will make you recognize the passage of time and feel the Xibalbá in your own flesh. In the Mayan mythology the Xibalbá is the name of the underworld. It is the underworld ruled by the divinities of disease and death; Hun-Camé, and Vucub-Camé. It is an important part of the mythical cycle of the twins Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué narrated in the PopolVuh of the Mayan Quiché.

Cancun has it all, from dreamy beaches to ancient places and a history so mythical you would not believe what your ears are hearing, and your eyes are seeing, stay in a Cancun Hotel ASAP and learn more about this spectacular culture.