If you are looking to invest soon in a cryptocurrency, let us tell you that a very good option can be to invest in pivx, which is looking to become one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market today, that is why today we decided to make this post, with the sole purpose of briefly pointing out why investing in pivx is a good idea, without further ado, let’s start with this interesting topic.

Pivx happens to be besides all a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency, and currently, you can even compare it with the dash cryptocurrency, and even if you want you can choose between pivx vs dash since originally the pivx is forked from the dash coin in 2016, which uses the Zerocoin protocol to fully allow the privacy of it, because for those who do not know, the Zerocoin protocol allows trust between the two parties of a transaction, but this, fortunately, does not record or show at any time your information publicly, on the contrary, in this case the transaction only leaves a small record that the funds were transferred and therefore that the transaction in question was completed successfully, and even remember that this technology is one of the most advanced in the market in terms of privacy, so it is a clear plus point for pivx.

This cryptocurrency also uses technology such as SwiftX, which allows for almost instantaneous transactions, which is clearly an excellent improvement over the transaction times of other cryptographic products available today in this demanding market.

This cryptocurrency has already implemented its proof-of-stake for some time, which means that there will be very low inflation, given the fact that there are no miners to pay, and as mentioned in the previous paragraph pivx has the advantage that it has SwiftX to offer its users transactions under 1 second, which is undoubtedly vital for business outlets, therefore, it becomes a favorite cryptocurrency for many.

But that is not all, as the nodes in the network are incentives for the scalability of the system itself, a very important advantage. It is also vitally important to explain that the mining time of each block, in this case, is barely 60 seconds and the size is 2 Mb, and even we cannot downplay the fact that the network currently supports up to 18.53 Tps.

The immense space in the blocks directly allows the costs for each transaction to be extremely low, a sample of this is that for a transaction the cost will be only about 0.001075 USD, as you can see it is an extremely low amount, but best of all is that the technology on which this cryptocurrency is based is more updated than many other virtual currencies, using the Bitcoin base version 0.1 or higher and the algorithm, in this case, is Po3 3.0.

In short, this is a good cryptocurrency very similar to many other cryptographic products on the market, but with the great difference and advantage that this one focuses on user privacy, community-driven management and the great speed of transactions, which is virtually instantaneous, for this and many other reasons is worth investing in this cryptocurrency.