On a holiday it is important to be able to bank safely and quickly, and also to have a suitable option for getting around to make the most of your time. Here are two interesting alternatives that will make your life easier.

When holidays approach, the desire to travel and get to know new places and cultures is automatically aroused, so the planning phase begins, which is very important because it depends on it that the trip is pleasant and smooth.

Booking airline tickets, accommodation and tours are some of the things you need to check first. But among all the aspects that must be covered, there are two that are very important: one is to have a comfortable and practical way to access money and thus carry out the banking operations needed from anywhere and the other essential aspect is to have a comfortable and functional way of getting around in order to make the most of the holiday. This article presents two excellent services that are sure to become your two great allies.

Zazoo: the best banking solution

In today’s dynamic world, versatility and functionality are necessary in all areas, and finances is no exception. When embarking on a trip, it is essential to have agile and secure banking services that facilitate all the transactions that may be required.

In this sense, an excellent alternative to recommend is Zazoo, the banking solution created especially for digital nomads, and which is also ideal for anyone who manages remote work teams: managers, freelancers, influencers, creators and many more.

It’s no secret that conventional banking doesn’t make things easy for those who are constantly on the move. This is why Zazoo was born and why more and more people are joining in and going #GoZazoo.

Covid-19 brought with it many setbacks, but at the same time it left us with great lessons, one of them being that the world is still spinning and is much bigger than the four walls of an office. It taught us that we can be productive, even more so, by working remotely and also that we can find the job we have always dreamed of on the other side of the world, even if we are not physically there.

Just as employers today have no geographical barriers when selecting workers, people can now also explore the world, travel, and at the same time continue to work. It is under this premise that “the world can be your oyster” that Zazoo is born, ideal for companies and individuals who are switching to remote mode.

It is the ideal banking alternative for remote entrepreneurs and their teams. The Zazoo team makes it easy for the user to use an open IBAN  in the European Union (EU), no matter where they are located and what their country of origin is. It is very simple.

Making the most of it and with the most freedom

One of the important aspects when traveling to a new city or country is to be able to make the most of your time and visit as many places as possible. An effective way to do this is to rent a car. 

Special care must be taken when choosing the company that provides the service, as not making a good selection can result in a major setback during our holidays. 

If the trip is to Menorca, a 100% recommended agency is Auto Valls, by far the Car Hire Menorca agency preferred by locals and visitors alike, thanks to them offering a high quality of service, immediate confirmation and no surprises or extra costs.

Apart from the fact that the cars are fully insured with no excess, they have a large fleet of vehicles of all types: cars, scooters and motorbikes, all modern and in impeccable condition. Auto Valls also offers the most economical rates and unlimited mileage, as well as personalized and careful attention to each of its customers. 

Without a doubt, this is an ideal service to get to know all the magical corners of the chosen tourist destination. It is the most comfortable and safest way to enjoy the trip alone, with your partner, family or friends, at your own pace and in complete freedom.