Blogs are very useful web platforms that can be used for a variety of purposes, some people use them to promote products or make them known, others to present their experiences in their travels around the world or to give their opinions on various topics, and others use them simply to tell their life stories and have fun. If your intention is to get your blog seen a lot, effective strategies must be taken into account, among which email marketing always stands out.

Since the internet burst into everyone’s lives, society began to make drastic changes in many of the things people do, in areas such as entertainment, communications and even the way we meet others and flirt.

The internet has become its own world in which many people make a living in many ways: they work, trade goods, shop, play games, meet people, learn, help others learn and even travel virtually all around the world.

To accomplish all these tasks, a wide variety of useful IT tools have been developed to facilitate interactions and ways of reporting all sorts of news. One of these tools is the blog, which is nothing more than a personal website where the owner can publish whatever and for whatever purpose he or she wants.

To have a blog is to have an open window to the digital world through which you can express yourself freely and even build a community with the same interests as you.

You can publish all kinds of information for any purpose you can think of. For example, if you want to talk about your life or about the things that happen to you every day, you have the possibility to express it freely in a blog, or if you prefer to create a thematic blog, for example about sports or video games, you can also do that.

But there is also a very profitable function that you can apply to a blog. By activating its monetization or its use for commercial purposes you can start making profit from having a blog. If you choose this route, it is recommended that you develop the corresponding advertising strategies to make it widely seen and, thus, commercially attractive.

How to promote a blog?

There are many ways to advertise a blog, which can be through traditional marketing techniques or innovative digital marketing strategies and tools. In any case, because they are digital blogs, web tools should always be taken into account.

Among those effective resources that digital advertising provides, email marketing always stands out. Email marketing t is considered the origin of digital marketing for being the propelling technique of everything that is done in marketing on the internet. In fact, it was practically born with the creation of the internet.

Email marketing is inexpensive, very efficient and always yields excellent results, as long as it is used correctly. It is one of the most widely used strategies in the world. Agencies may be able to design innovative and elaborate advertising tools, but they never leave out mass emailing to reinforce their strategies.

So, using email marketing to advertise a blog is a resource that you should always take into account to strengthen your digital marketing campaign and that can give you very good results; of course, you should seek the support and advice of specialized agencies and platforms and software designed especially to enhance this important tool.

With a good consultancy company and an advanced computer programme specialized in sending mass emails, you will surely increase the flow of visitors and launch your blog to levels you could never have imagined.

How to make money with a blog?

There are many ways to make your blog worthwhile and financially profitable, among them:

  • Products or services blog: you can specialize your website in a specific sector or product, according to the area in which you feel comfortable or handle with greater knowledge and expertise. Here you can offer products, services, courses and if you are an expert in any subject you can even create digital books and sell them.
  • Affiliate programmes: another excellent and productive way to monetize a blog is through affiliate programmes that other companies use as a sales strategy. These programmes consist of indirectly advertising products on your blog so that visitors see them and are encouraged to buy them. For each sale made with a user of your web platform, you will receive a commission that will swell your bank account.
  • Advertising and ads: you can offer your space to companies to advertise their products or use Google Ads to use your blog for your publications and earn money every time one of your followers clicks on the promoted banners.

Any of these ideas can be put into practice on your blog, but for them to really work you need to make your site have an outstanding flow of visitors, only then will it be attractive to advertisers and advertising agencies.

It is then that email marketing takes on special relevance, as it is the ideal way to attract views to your web platform, reach potential customers and achieve the commercial objectives you set out to achieve.

With this digital marketing tool not only you have the possibility of reaching many potential customers at once, to whom you can present your blog and invite them to visit it, but you can also boost your sales once they become your followers, thanks to the high power of direct communication provided by this tool.

So don’t think twice and take the adventure of creating your own blog, develop it in the area that you like the most and get, in addition, an economic benefit with passive income that will always be there without you having to make a lot of effort. It is very easy, quick and simple, try it, and you will see.

Design your blog and boost it with a good email marketing strategy so that in less time than you expect you start to stand out with your content so that you have more and more visits and more and more profits. Do it now, you will not regret it.