Nowadays we use stainless steel in almost everything: decoration, kitchen utensils, to build modern buildings, etc. Stainless steel is a very versatile and resistant material, but its main problem is its aesthetic value. Designs made with this material often look plain and boring, but thankfully, Steel Color SpA has created colored stainless steel. Colored stainless steel has all the properties of normal stainless steel, but will help you creating original futuristic designs. 

Bringing colour to your life

Steel Color SpA is a company based in Pescarolo ed Uniti, Italy. This company has been focusing on the creation of embossed, mirror finished, colored stainless steel since their foundation in 1979. With more than 40 years of expertise in the sector, Steel Color SpA has become a referent for designers around the world wanting to achieve a futuristic outcome on their designs

Steel Color SpA prides itself on the quality of their products. They only pick the best raw materials in order to achieve a wide catalogue with the best colored stainless steel featuring the highest aesthetic value. The company has also been certified by the Italian institutions numerous times and earned their certifications as a environmental friendly, sustainable company with the higher quality standards in their elaboration process, all while taking their workers safety first. 

But the biggest difference with other companies in the sector is how highly they value their customers. The majority of big companies out there offer their customers after sale customer support only if you buy a minimum quota. But on Steel Color SpA, customers satisfaction always comes first. That is why they offer a fully personalized after sale customer support that will assist you with any problem or doubt you could have with your purchase, without taking into account how much stock you purchase.

Achieve the most original designs using colored stainless steel

Colored stainless steel has the same properties than stainless steel, but thanks to its bright colours, it brings an additional aesthetic value to designs that regular stainless steel can not achieve. Because of that, architects and interior designers from all the over the world are starting to use colored stainless steel to achieve a futuristic modern look on their designs. The best provider of colored stainless steel at an international level is Steel Color SpA. Steel Color SpA uses two revolutionary techniques in order to produce the best colored stainless steel in the market: the PVD derived process and the electro coloration process.

  • During the PVD derived process, the external layer of the steel receives a dose of vapor, creating a wide variety of coatings like oxides and carbides. These coatings are the ones that give the metal their signature bright colours. One of the perks of this technique is that it can be used in order to create colored patterns on the stainless steel. 
  • During the electro coloration process, colour is achieved by natural means. This process uses the natural interference proceeding from the refraction and reflection from light rays. The result is a colored stainless steel without additional coats, making the end product more corrosion repellent. 

The stainless steel sheets resulting from these processes are the perfect addition to any design. All over the world it can already be seen being used on architectural projects, exhibitions, elevators of luxurious hotels, interior projects, etc. All of these projects have the same resistance than if they were made with regular stainless steel, but the results obtained by using colored stainless steel are simply stunning. Colored stainless steel’s durability make it the perfect material for both, your interior and exterior projects. Steel Color SpA offers all sort of bright colours on their catalogue, so you can mix different sheets in order to achieve a final result that will leave everyone around you open mouthed.