Learning a new language is something that can open us many doors and would help us grow professionally and as a person. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish, since it requires a lot of time and commitment. But thankfully, there is a method that has proven to be very successful regarding language learning: immersing yourself into the country where the language you want to learn is spoken. 

Traveling to study Spanish

When it comes to languages, Spanish is one of the most useful and popular ones to study. There are more than 400 million native speakers around the world, and it is the third more studied language in the world with over 9 million people who speak it as their second language. With such a wide amount of Spanish speakers, there is no wonder why professionals with knowledge of this language are on such a high demand. 

If you are thinking about mastering this language, the best way would be by traveling to Spain. After all, nothing is more effective in language learning than mixing yourself into its culture. 

The heart of Spain is its capital, Madrid. You will be able to learn spanish in Madrid by mixing yourself with the locals and learning the language first-hand. And if in addition you enroll yourself on a Spanish course with native teachers during your stay, you will have all you need in order to succeed on your task of mastering this beautiful language. 

The best Spanish courses in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The city is full of live the whole year, with a big touristic offer of beautiful places to discover. This makes Madrid one of the best cities in the world tourist wise, and also one of the best locations to learn Spanish. In this city you can find easily many private schools that offer Spanish courses adapted for foreigners. However, it is important to investigate the school credentials before enrolling ourselves in, otherwise we can find ourselves falling into a money grabbing trap. It is important to always hire professionals with all the legal permits. A good example of a Spanish school with great reviews is the In2Spanish School. 

In2Spanish is a renown language school which prides itself on the excellency of their professors and the personal treatment their students get. While many schools see their students as numbers, professors at In2Spanish show real commitment with their students learning experience, knowing them all personally by their name. This ensures a learning experience where no student is left behind. This school divides their students according to their knowledge of the language, always in small groups for a more effective learning process.

The different Spanish courses available at In2Spanish

Schools like In2Spanish are aware that every student is different, therefore, they do offer a wide variety of Spanish courses so their students can enroll themselves in the ones they find more fitting. Among the courses taught at this Madrilenian school, we can find:

  • Summer camps: kids passionate about football can enroll into a Spanish immersion Summer Camp, where they will learn Spanish from the hand of professional football stars like Marcelo. 
  • One to one lessons: for a more private learning experience.
  • Spanish on the go: courses focused on the Spanish needed for everyday life. 
  • Enjoy Spain: a course which balances lessons in the classroom with activities outdoors to learn about Spanish culture.
  • Live Spain: an intensive Spanish course for those who need to learn the language in a fast and effective way. 
  • In2Immersion: a mixture of the study programs of Enjoy Spain and One to One
  • The Bucket List:  program especially designed for people older than 50, in which they will be able to immerse themselves in Spanish culture with people like-minded.
  • DELE Exam Preparation: these classes are designed to prepare the students for the official Spanish level exam. 
  • Viva Spain: which combines the class lessons with activities to discover Spanish culture, gastronomy, etc. 
  • Educational Study Tours For Children: kids will be able to study Spanish and discover Madrid with their safety ensured by professionals.
  • Evening Spanish Course: for people who due to schedule problems can not attend the morning lessons offered at the center. 

Intensive Spanish Course For Dentists: especially designed for professionals who want to work on this profession at Spain, from dental language to communication with the patient.