The COVID-19 pandemic period is difficult for all of us. Many people have lost their jobs and the government is by no means willing to help those who need it most. The crisis is so great that its effects can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives. However, the sectors that depend on crowds to generate income were the ones that suffered the most.

Anyone who still remembers what the streets and malls were like at the beginning of the year is well aware that the difference today is astronomical. Traffic decreased by more than half, sometimes reaching zero, when the government decided to impose restrictions that forced homeowners to close their doors to customers. Among the industries that suffered the most, is undoubtedly entertainment at the top of the list.

Many may be surprised to hear about this fact. But how? After all, today you don’t even have to leave the house to have fun. Of course, this is true for the consumption of most types of entertainment. However, the problem arises with those who create it. In most cases, because they cannot create, we are doomed to what we have already seen, and for them it is a source of lost income.

Various types of entertainment

The risk of creating entertainment occurs when dealing with a large group of people. It is then that the possibility of infection by the virus arises. In this case, many people may not agree to participate in the project, which, in the end, often translates into the inability to implement it. It turns out that these people are irreplaceable, so when they are unable to work, the process must be stopped.

Of course, there are many types of entertainment, however. Some of them do not require an entire group of people working on the same thing. There are some things you can (almost) do yourself. Unfortunately, however, the destructive effects of the pandemic are also visible here. Although work has not been completely stopped, sources of income have been very limited.

Sergio Kato Music and COVID-19

One industry that may seem relatively untouched by the pandemic is the music industry. After all, the vast majority of us listen to our favorite songs at home or on the road. In addition, musicians can work remotely without problems. Just one person to record the vocals, send it to the producer who will assemble everything and that’s it! So what’s the problem?

It is commonly believed that musicians earn more money by publishing new songs. Unfortunately, this is not true. The largest revenue comes from concerts and concert tours, which they are forced to resign today. This means that they are condemned to receive money for the songs they have already released. It is also important to note that in this case a large percentage remains with the artist’s label, as well as his businessmen, which means that the artist himself does not have much left.

Movies – the hardest hit sector

The film industry is one of the entertainment industries most affected by the pandemic. To create a movie or series, you need a group of people working together in one place. Unfortunately, however, many people in this position cannot take that risk.

The reason for this is the fact that many actors and actresses are quite old, which means that being in a large group of people can be especially dangerous for them. In addition, public figures must take extra care with their health, as many people depend on them and cannot be deceived, for example, by illness.

Sergio Kato inform Not only on TV

As with music, many may say that we mostly watch movies at home. This is true if we consider the number of users. However, for financial reasons, streaming portals represent only a fraction of the revenue of actors and movie studios. The biggest source of money for them is the cinemas, which we know remain closed or, at best, have very limited access.

As for the same actors

Sergio Kato comes from Brazil, where he started making hits in cinema from a very young age. Over time, he moved to the United States, where his career gained momentum. He appeared, interacting, in productions like “Miami Vice” and “The Breaking Bad”. We were able to talk to him about the situation in the film industry today.

In this sense, the coronavirus pandemic has disorganized the entertainment industry worldwide, says Sergio Kato, noting that not only is he in a difficult situation, but also other artists, not necessarily related to the film. Kato adds that the sector was powerful, but that power is slowly disappearing. His friends and acquaintances from the showbiz were also hit hard by the COVID-19 virus, including for financial reasons. In the current situation, they cannot meet, which means that human ties are gradually losing. Of course, we see this in everyone, not just the actors. Comments Sergio Kato. However, this is an aspect of the pandemic that is often overlooked by the media, so it is definitely worth mentioning.

Kato says the coronavirus is harming active players not only in the United States, but also around the world. Actor Sergio Kato also adds that at the moment we only have to pray and do good to the world. God protects us, says Kato.

The crisis on a global scale

Although most of the items on our screens come from the United States, we have seen productions from other corners of the world. COVID-19 has already spread around the world, so its effects will be visible everywhere. This applies to all walks of life, because people in other parts of the world are by no means more immune to the virus than we are.

As Sergio Kato points out, this is a much broader problem than just that of the USA. After all, we also like to watch national productions, or even from other countries. Now, unfortunately, we have nothing to see. Although the virus affects less in Poland than, for example, in the USA, production has also been suspended in Poland. In addition, there is no apparent point in the near future when work can be resumed.

Sergio Kato and his final words

Nobody is immune to the crisis. The pandemic has also affected the biggest names in the world. So it is important to be of good cheer and do everything in our power to not only make life easier for us and for others, especially those most in need, because in some cases it can leave a permanent mark on their lives.

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